Absolute Aromas Aroma-Inhalers


What's quicker than applying a mood-shifting essential oil blend to your skin? Inhaling it, that's what. These incredibly affordable inhalers are the size of a lip balm – but you stick them up your nostrils. (There is no glamorous way of saying that, by the way.)

The Breatheasy will soon come into its own (sob) when the cold and 'flu season sweeps in, but the other options from this long-established aromatherapy company are Lavender (good for a rebalancing 'fix'), Refresh (perfect for that 4 p.m. slump, with its blast of orange, bergamot, lime, spearmint and frankincense), and Relaxation, when you need to chill – our favourite, with vetiver, ylang ylang, chamomile and patchouli.

There's nothing in them but essential oils, and for a mood S.O.S., we're not sure there's anything more affordable.

Absolute Aromas Aroma-Inhalers/£2.50 each at absolute-aromas.com