A truly ‘wow’ moment in the hair world

Our friend John Frieda, of course, is known for his revolutions in haircare.  Frizz-Ease, the product which tamed our flyaways, ending many a woman’s Bad Hair Days.  Sheer Blonde, Brilliant Brunette and Radiant Red, which enlivened our haircolour with every wash.  The list of creations under the John Frieda brand is long, and impressive. But this is a momentous moment in John’s history – because he’s starting all over again.  A few years ago, the range which has his name was sold – and in common with many entrepreneurs, John and his equally genius but less-familiar genius business partner Gail Federici had their hands creatively tied, for a few years, at least in terms of hair innovations.

Until now.  Because Color Wow is the first product from the newly-created Federici Brands company, and we predict it's going to take the haircolouring world by storm.

We love haircolour, of course.  LOVE IT.  Give thanks for it, regularly.  But there isn't a woman alive who loves the maintenance involved.  Anyone who colours their hair is familiary with 'root-y' moments:  when you're too busy (or too broke) to get to a salon, and the grey starts to show.  (Or in Jo's case, the dark brown streaked with the odd grey hair, which contrasts rather dramatically against her very blonde lights.)

Enter Color Wow Root Cover Up, in four shades.  It's a sexy-looking compact with a brush and a mirror.  In the 'palette' is a breakthrough mineral powder compound, which you stroke onto roots to cover up grey instantly.  And it literally lasts till you wash it out again.  What's more - and don't ask us how this works - the lightest shade is ideal if, like Jo, you're ultra-blonde.  It even (as Gail and John promise) brightens highlights, when stroked onto hair.  (And trust us:  couldn't be simpler.)  As Gail explains, 'Color Wow is actually the first complete "system" to address all the problems associated with hair colour...  Fading, brassiness, dullness, unwanted roots.'

We're pretty chuffed that another mate, Gill Sinclair at Victoria Health, has the exclusive on this for now, and for ease, you can find it in our SHOP section - buy here - at £28.50 for a kit that lasts 60 applications.  (And if this all sounds very cosy and chummy, it just so happens that many of our good friends are people we've come to know and respect through our 50 combined years in this business!  If we were solicitors, we'd probably have lots of lawyer friends...)  As Gail promises, 'No more "hide under your hat days".

Our only concern?  That John could put his colourists out of work!  (Though we'll always keep going, for the chat, frankly - which ranges from Mapp & Lucia through to Wagner.  Really.)

And we truly are wowed.