A real life skincare horror story

Your mother was right (darn it):  sleeping in your make-up really is the worst thing you can do for your skin. This is a much, much nicer photo than the one the Daily Mail used to illustrate their story - but if we'd used the real thing, you'd have unsubscribed in droves. The journalist Anna Pursglove valiantly went without cleansing her skin for an entire month - and wrote a feature detailing her experiences that you can read here.

She allowed herself to swish her face in the shower each morning, but didn't permit herself to use any of her usual cleansing creams - and each morning, would reapply make-up over the remnants of previous days' slap.  Her skin ended up cracked, dry and red (and one of her eyes swelled right up).

All these changes were monitored by a dermatologist, who concluded that her skin was biologically around a decade older, after just one month, than before she stopped cleansing.

Just as we - and Liz Earle! - always suspected...

But we'll be cleansing our faces just that bit more diligently tonight, nonetheless...

Read Anna Pursglove's article here.