A new era in home fragrance

The launch for this was one of our favourites of the year - not that this has swayed our decision to feature this whole new way to scent the home:  it really is a step-up from the scented candle. Diptyque took over a five-floor art gallery on Greek Street for the launch of this, creating roomsets for each of the fragrances you can buy for Un Air de Diptyque:  Baies (our favourite), 34, Figuier, Ambre and the sublime, seasonally smokey Feu de Bois (rather appropriate for Bonfire Night, we think).

Diptyque_2Un Air de Diptque itself is the most gorgeous gadget that's ever crossed our path, frankly (iPhones excepted) - a great alternative where scented candles pose a fire risk.  It's electrically powered but 'rechargeable', so once you've got enough juice you can move Un Aire de Diptyque around where you'd like it to subtly pump out its fragrant deliciousness.  And if you fancy a change of smell, just change the cartridge.

It really does 'fill' quite a large room:  the art gallery was spacious, but each floor - for which a different 'look' had also been created - was distinctively and delightfully fragrant.)  You press the top to activate it and it shuts off automatically after a one-hour burst of fragrance.

There've been 'scent-wafters' before, but stylistically this is in a league of its own.  Let's face it:  this is Diptyque, synonymous with the best in home fragrance - frankly, we'd want Un Air de Diptyque for decorative purposes alone!  More importantly, with several friends who've started fires in their homes by leaving scented candles unattended or having a curtain waft across the flame in a breeze, what might seem a hefty investment might save a small fortune in emotional angst and lost treasures.  (We're really not saying this lightly:  we are incredibly vigilant with scented candles and votives - not least because Jo was once in a spa fire, started by a therapist putting a towel on a lit candle.)

But hey, let's not put a gloomy spin on what is a truly uplifting objet.

Because if we sniff the air, we can detect a wind of change in the home fragrance world, following this launch...

UK readers find Un Air de Diptyque at www.selfridges.com (as well as all Diptyque boutiques)/£240, and £25 per cartridge - buy here www.diptyqueparis.co.uk