A little drop of Marilyn

We don’t take advertising on this website.  But very, very, very, VERY occasionally an ad. comes along that we have to share, because it’s too beautiful to resist. Like almost everyone, we were long ago seduced by Marilyn Monroe – who’s the new/old ‘face’ of this sublime Chanel No. 5 commercial.  We’re only surprised it’s taken Chanel this long to get around to casting her, since Marilyn’s admission that all she wore to bed was a dab of No. 5 goes down in history as the most famous perfume quote ever.

You can keep John Lewis’s Bear & Hare, or M&S’s Magic & Sparkle.  This is the Christmas ad that’s melted our hearts...

Click here to enjoy it.  (And to view a longer film about Marilyn and her love for No. 5, click here.)