A great excuse for a party

If there was ever a better reason to invite your friends over for a 'pamper party' or a Girls' Night In, we're not sure we've ever heard it. From 2nd - 8th June, the wonderful charity Look Good, Feel Better - which raises money for its programme of makeovers for women undergoing cancer treatment - is having a fund-raising week. One of their suggestions is to invite friends over for an evening of beautifying treats: give each other manicures (!), slather on some face masks, have a glass or two (if you're not driving home) and generally enjoy a wonderfully, relaxed evening in - while knowing that any money raised is going to a fantastic cause. (The idea is you all chip in to the kitty, which goes to Look Good, Feel Better.) Oh, and what the hell: throw in a cupcake or two...!

You can do anything, of course, not only host an evening like this. Have a bake sale in the office. Open your garden. There's another idea which takes our fancy: 'Pink it up', at work: encourage everyone to come in wearing pink, maybe dye your hair pink, paint your nails pink - and ask everyone to donate £1, to 'pink it up'. (LGFB actually suggest a 'fine' of £2 for anyone who doesn't join in.)

You can find out more details about the week at Look Good Feel Better's website, below.

But we say: make it fun. Make it happen. And make a difference...





Feature, NewsTania Smith