A buzzy book for kids from Melvita

To coincide with the launch of Melvita Universal Cream (more about that in a mo), Melvita has launched a really lovely storybook, enchantingly illustrated by Al MacCuish (whose drawing also appears on the tin itself). The Bee Who Spoke follows the story of Belle and the Bee, who travels from Paris to the French countryside (to visit her grandparents) - and introduces readers to the idea of exploring the natural world. Melvita - who actually have hives on the roof of their Covent Garden store - are (like us) deeply concerned about the disappearance of bees, and this engaging story is a great way to give children the important message that bees are the thread that holds the natural world together.

Melvita Universal CreamOh, and about that cream. We dithered over whether to include it as a Beauty Bible Loves, or a feature story - because we certainly are love, love, loving it. An organic multi-tasker for all the family, it's light but incredibly nourishing, hydrating face, body, hands, feet - anywhere you like. (And yes, there's beeswax in there, hence the link.)

The texture's delicious - but so is the smell: a pretty wildflower scent that (like the cream itself) should have - yes - universal appeal.

UK readers find The Bee Who Spoke at www.thamesandhudson.com (as well as all good bookstores)/£7.95 - buy here Find Universal Cream at www.melvita.co.uk/£15 for 100 ml - buy here