Erborian Spray-to-Mask Revitalising Spray Mask


We know quite a few women who just don’t like the sometimes slightly claggy – or alternatively, the taut/tight – feel of a face mask. Here’s the antidote.

From Erborian – we’re slightly embarrassed by how often we’re writing about these guys, lately – comes this facial spritzer which then delivers a gel-like film on skin, upping its moisture levels.

Any excess can be smoothed in for a further moisture boost, or removed with a wet washcloth – leaving skin looking plumper and glowier. (Thanks to a revitalsing, antioxidant white ginseng complex.) Wild yam, licorice and horsetail extracts, kigelia fruit extract and glycerine also feature, alongside a natural gum which delivers that barely-there ‘film’.

On our skin, it never quite ‘set’ – and we like that. In fact, we couldn’t feel it at all – although we suspect if there’d been a terribly sensitive microphone nearby, it would have picked up a soundtrack of slurping, as the moisture was absorbed into skin.

Erborian Spray-to-Mask Revitalising Spray Mask/£34 for 60ml at