Clarins SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask


One for the holiday kit, this. Because as we discovered on a recent mini-jaunt somewhere sunny, it's brilliant for replenishing skin that's been whipped by sea breezes (and maybe even – accidentally, of course – exposed to the sun). SOS Comfort is one of a trio of new masks from Clarins, targeted at different skin problems.

There's an SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask – a burst of moisture, with lashings of hyaluronic acid, alongside something called 'organic leaf of life' extract. And an SOS Rebalancing Clay Mask, for problem and/or shiny skins, with organic alpine willow herb extract and a combo of white and green clays in its absorbent, non-drying powdery-cream texture.

But SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask is the go-to for our drier skins: a rich, buttery mask which we can almost feel plumping up our complexion, with its blend of wild mango butter and mango oil, both rich in fatty acids. After your holiday complexion SOS, keep up the good work by slathering this on once or twice a week – and we agree with Clarins's advice to apply it during a hot bath, to enhance absorption.

SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask/£30 for 75ml at

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 12.46.12
Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 12.46.12