Fenella Smith Make-up Bags


Sad but true: we could go on and on about the joy of a new make-up bag. Who doesn't love to feel a bit more organised, having cleaned her kit and decanted it into something smart, stylish, practical – and in the case of Fenella Smith's designs, with a little bit of whimsy?

Fenella Smith are probably best-known for their stylish ceramics – pugs, flamingoes or pandas, anyone? (The range is in John Lewis, among other outlets, where it's very popular.)

But these make-up bags have caught our attention: with a generous gusset (what a word that is!), they are super-capacious and come in two sizes. (We're tempted to invest in a few different designs and – once and for all – get on top of the jumble of blushers, foundations and eyeshadows in our drawers.)

Martha Stewart would be soooooo proud of us.

£14 and £20 - buy here