These are designed for when your get-up-and-go got-up-and-went – and in the opinions of our testers, these do indeed work wonders, with some incredibly high scores (including one of the top scores in these awards – 9.5/10 across 10 testers – for Aromatherapy Associates). So whenever you’re feeling sluggish, down – or life generally could look rosier – it’s encouraging to know that sometimes, at least, all it takes to reboot is a sloosh of these, some pleasantly hot water – and the time to give yourself some well-earned TLC. Enjoy.


GOLD and BEST NATURAL AWARD Aromatherapy Associates Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil

Another amazing Aromatherapy Associates performance, in these 2019 Awards – this time, for a product they describe as ‘TLC in a bottle’, intended to encourage and uplift in times of stress and turmoil. As ever, one cap does the trick, filling the house – never mind the bathroom – with its fusion of geranium, rose, pink grapefruit, frankincense and bergamot, in a skin-softening coconut oil base.


'10/10. I very much liked the fragrance, which is uplifting and also relaxing; I felt calm and perked up; relaxed and happy. I adored how this oil made my skin feel, so nourished and soft – I didn't need a moisturiser after which is fantastic! The bath was easy to clean, just sprayed a little cleaner and it was gone’ • ‘This stuff should be on prescription for menopausal women. I felt… Before: Ugh. After: Alllllrighty then! My skin felt… Lush, scented and moisturised, plump and sheeny shiny. I would buy it in a heartbeat’ • ‘Top marks. I would 100% buy this product. Three drops in the bath made my house smell like a spa. It never fails to make my bathing experience incredible. The amazing smell and the way it felt on my skin did improve my energy levels. I love it’ • ‘I really enjoy massaging the oil into my torso for a good length of time before getting in the shower. I think the act of a pre-shower massage makes you feel as if you are being kind to yourself, especially with such a decadent product. It’s great for mental and physical revival. The oils are really helpful for clear breathing and improving fatigue’ • ‘The ingredients are beautiful, some really lovely essential oils and all very natural. It did restore equilibrium to my mood, reviving me. I might buy this as a present for a loved one if they were going through a tough time’ • ‘Yes, yes, yes! I really like the fragrance, I felt relaxed AND uplifted. It improved my energy levels and when I bathed in it before a party, it put me in good party spirits’ • ‘It promises wonderfully comforting and uplifting powers of geranium, rose and frankincense - I'd go along with that! It says "to lift your spirits during challenging times" but I think I experienced the effect as more of a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  So I would go with “comforting” more than anything’ • ‘The most amazing shower/bath product ever, highly recommend if you need a luxury product to make you feel amazing after a hard day and your skin will look and smell great!!’ • ‘The fragrance fills the whole upstairs when used for a bath. I like that you are left revived rather than relaxed and ready for bed – great to have that option (as other oils are lovely, but so relaxing that you just want to fall asleep after use).'

£48 for 55ml - click to buy


SILVER and BEAUTY STEAL AWARD Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath

There are roses, roses, everywhere, with this – and over the years, our testers have repeatedly swooned for rose-fragranced products of all kinds. Here, relaxing and balancing Damask rose is infused into a rich base of jojoba and olive oils that turns milky in the water, silkily veiling skin as you emerge from the waters after 10-20 minutes, they recommend.


'This has been one of my favourites so far; everything about it is lovely, including the cool blue bottle. I loved the rose fragrance, which is very authentic, gentle and completely natural. Not at all overpowering, but very feminine and relaxing. I would buy again and recommend it to friends’ • ‘I was quite buzzy with stress before the bath, but very relaxed afterwards. Just the ritual of running the bath and smelling the rose scent calmed me down! I would say that it kept me grounded rather than 'up for a night out'. I was happy just to have one glass of wine’ • ‘I can't stand artificial rose fragrances but this cream smells like a rose valley, very natural’ • ‘It promised silky soft skin and a feeling of relaxation. Skin wasn't noticeably soft, however I was pleasantly surprised I didn't need to moisturise. I did feel relaxed and less stressed after using it. The label said it should soothe the body and mind and I felt better after my bath and slept well’ • ‘This was pleasant to use and had a lovely rose smell. Made me feel refreshed at the start of the day. I was grumpy before and calm afterwards. It did improve my energy levels and the effect lasted until approx. lunchtime’ • ‘It claims to 'harmonise the senses' and it certainly does smell incredible, you can't stop smelling it, it just makes you feel…ahhhh. There was no irritation or dryness on my skin, which might be down to the purity of the ingredients. The scent fills the bathroom beautifully, but I found it didn’t linger for long on the skin, which might be an advantage if you wanted to wear perfume or a highly scented body lotion’ • ‘The blue glass bottle looks very elegant in the bathroom and it is nice not to have yet another plastic bottle of product in the shower, there are pros and cons to this though, i.e. don't drop it, the design of the bottle does help to eliminate this aspect’ • ‘I liked the soft, natural and relaxing scent of the product very much. I think that the price is quite reasonable. Weleda is cruelty-free, which makes me even more likely to purchase the product.'

£14.95 for 100ml - click to buy


BRONZE AWARD Elemis Fortitude Bath & Shower Elixir

Elemis’s Noella Gabriel worked long and hard to create a collection of sublime, stylishly-packaged Elemis Life Elixirs that certainly had us at ‘hello’ – and testers also loved this blend, designed to help you find inner resolve and inner strength via anchoring ylang ylang, grounding cedarwood and geranium, which is also included to help centre you. (If you love the blend, you might want to know it also comes as a rollerball and candle.)


'10/10. I felt very relaxed and happy and smelt lovely after my bath. My skin felt gorgeous and soft. When I went out one night after bathing with this, I felt really perked up. The packaging and bottle are lovely too’ • ‘This is a gorgeous indulgent product that left me feeling very Zen. The scent was stunning, relaxing and spa like; it filled the whole upstairs. I was very happy to lounge in the bath feeling wonderful. I emerged feeling completely relaxed but uplifted, clear-headed and pampered’ • ‘I felt ready to tackle the world! My skin was very moisturised, soft and lovely. I would buy this for when I want an indulgent soak. Would be nice as a gift too’ • ‘Overall, I was very impressed by the product and would buy it as a gift for my closest friends. It calmed and relaxed me, which is exactly what you want after a hectic day at work and at home. I like the fragrance - not too overpowering. The main note for me was lavender. It helped me unwind and put me in a great mood’ • ‘The main benefits stated are to - RELAX, SOOTHE and CALM and it definitely did all of those. As the name of the elixir I trialled suggests (CALM) it left me feeling very relaxed, all my worries went away and I was left to enjoy the soothing aroma’ • ‘I am usually exhausted as I have a full time job and two small children.  After bathing in this I felt very relaxed, and my skin was moisturised and smelt lovely. This promised to be grounding, strengthening and harmonising. To be honest, it was just a lovely and relaxing bathing experience for a pooped mum!!!’

£55 for 100ml - click to buy



This scored just a micro-point behind the Bronze Award-winner – and we really wanted to reward Soap Co. for the wonderful work this East London-based social enterprise does, offering really valuable work in their factory and offices to blind and otherwise handicapped people who are so often overlooked. That aside, though, this is notable in its own right: an awakening blend of ginger and lemongrass in a skin-friendly base of evening primrose and jojoba, calendula and borage.


‘I absolutely loved this product with it’s strong but not overpowering smell of lemongrass, which is instantly calming: I felt my shoulders just drop and relax. Before my bath, due to personal/work pressures I was uptight stressed and tearful. After it, I felt calm and relaxed’ • ‘I felt energised, relaxed, chilled and ready to take on the world, which lasted for a few hours. My skin felt soft, silky and smooth. I loved the divine smell that floated round the house and lingered. Most of all I love the ethos behind the company and what it represents.  The fact that it's free of nasties, vegan, bee and animal friendly’ • ‘I liked that the label has braille on it and I was pleased to learn that the company make a point of employing disabled people at their production facility. Ethically the company is fantastic’ • ‘This has a gorgeous fragrance. Everyone in the house commented on it and wanted to use it. I felt calm and positive after I used it, with soft moisturised skin. It’s a wonderful way to boost your body and mind. I like the ethics of the company’ • ‘Really enjoyed using this bath oil, loved the fresh smell that lingered gently on the skin and left a pleasant fragrance in the bathroom afterwards. I have dry skin on my lower legs and upper arms and oils are kinder to my skin and last longer than other types of bath products. Having suffered with psoriasis on my hands for a few years, I need to be careful about immersing my hands in water as they become very sore with dry, tight and flaky patches that often split. I've not used bath salts or soap-based products for a while but oils are gentler overall. It was a delight to be able to soak in the bath without having to keep my hands out of the water. I felt clean and fresh after a bath, which was a boost to start the day. I did feel uplifted as I do with citrus-based smells’

£20 for 100ml - click to buy