We kissed a few frogs on the way to finding the winners for this category – or at least, our testers did. Still, two products scored high enough to win Awards – a Gold and a Silver – and we’ll keep on slicking, in our next round of testing. In our opinion, what should a good tinted lip balm deliver? Obviously, softness and protection – but these are a great no-fuss way to add a bit of face-waking colour, we find. Without even necessarily looking in a mirror to apply…  

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GOLD AWARD – Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 (Perfect Nude)

This is one of our longstanding favourite lip balms, adding a sheer wash of sheen-y colour – which seems to work to enhance your natural lip colour – alongside both nourishment and an SPF. (It's a great one for the beach bag, this.) Lanolips' signature ingredient is lanolin, a by-product of the wool industry with renowned skin-caring properties, and it features generously here. The shade our testers slicked their way through was Perfect Nude, which is positioned as a sheer, natural nude tint.


'I loved this. My lips felt better the moment I started using it. It looks quite thick as it comes out of the tube but is lovely and silky when it glides on the lips. The tint is natural, but still with a bit of colour to it; my lips looked a very light pink when using' • 'This is already my favourite lip balm. I love the way my lips feel and look – as if I have lips like Angeline Jolie! I would absolutely buy it again and again' • 'They’ve got the texture just right – not sticky, just nice and moisturising. I liked the tint too – really a bit of something as opposed to nothing. It promises to be hydrating, nourishing and has an SPF. It does all those things' • 'The tube is very easy to use and the balm is very comfortable – nice and creamy and very hydrating, which is what you want' • 'I never normally use this type of product (I use lipsticks and glosses). However, I was so pleasantly surprised that I now use it as a natural-looking alternative; I like the lovely, light pink, natural tint' • 'The product is flattering and makes me look healthier! It promises "hydration for dry lips" and works very well in this regard' • 'The packaging is just right – pretty and functional.'

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SILVER AWARD – Bagsy Lip Cocoon

New British brand Bagsy was created by a team which formerly worked for global beauty brands (they’re very shy about saying who they are – which we personally find disappointing because we’d like to pat them on the back publicly). Bagsy’s packaging – in this case, a cardboard case for the lip balm – is very pretty, and many products are emblazoned with an uplifting motto with the idea of putting a smile on a woman’s face. Here’s their blend of shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil and beeswax, designed to leave skin soft and nourished, and lightly tinted with a brown-y pink shade (Raspberry) which would flatter any skintone.


'This is perfect for me.  The texture is between a balm and a lipstick but closer to a balm.  I liked the fruity fragrance and it is very comfortable on the lips.' • 'As someone who suffers from dry lips and also doesn't wear much make up, this is a really excellent product.' • 'The shade is what you imagine natural 'rosebud' lips look like, and would suit most colourings.' • 'This moisturised my lips very well indeed and I think the general condition is slightly better.  Surprisingly it lasts quite some time.  I do reapply it but not as often as I would with other balms.' • 'This is one of those ‘your lips but better’ kind of looks.  It adds a really nice deep pink tint that most people would probably assume I was wearing nothing but had great looking lips. Such a pretty little lip balm with vintage style packaging, it smells fabulous and is so convenient to throw on, like a chap stick yet gives your lips a really healthy tint.  I really like this a lot.' • 'I would definitely buy this and use for everyday wear and to grab and use on the move, as you don't need a mirror.' • 'A lovely little product (hard to prise it from my 11 year old). Pretty packaging, pretty colour and tastes yummy.' • 'Lasted well, wore it to yoga and there was still a colour tint at end of class. Also stayed put during eating and drinking.  Really liked this product, good texture and nice sheer tint. Very comfortable to wear'

£7 - click to buy

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BRONZE AWARD – Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub + Lip Balm

This is more than a tinted lip balm: in the opposite end of the silver-waisted pot is a gentle, smoothing lip scrub based around beet sugar granules, shea butter and jojoba/avocado/grapeseed oils. Flip it over to access the balm itself – which is available in five nourishing shades and formulated with aloe leaf extract and coconut oil along with shea and murumuru seed butters. To use, massage the scrub lightly into lips with a fingertip, then gently tissue off before applying the balm – in the case of our testers, in a very pretty raspberry shade called Pink Framboise.


'My lips felt great after the fine sugar scrub and a lot smoother.  The balm gave a pretty pop of colour and lasted as long as most lip balms.' • 'I felt a massive difference after using the lip scrub for a fortnight. I'm a convert!' • 'The packaging is quite smart; it looks like a macaroon with gloss in one half and scrub in the other.  The sugar scrub dissolved on my lips – it was a little odd but fine once you were used to it.  The condition of my lips improved just using the scrub.  I was really pleased with the natural looking tint.  The product was a treat.' • 'The moisturising effect really helped my dry lips and there was an improvement over the 2 weeks I trialled it for.  My lips were less dry and cracked and much softer.' • 'Overall the scrub works really well and provides gentle exfoliation for my dry flaky lips and balm is a long lasting moisturiser with a natural tint.  It is not sticky at all or tacky.  I love the little pot it looks like a small macaroon biscuit.' • 'I had wanted to try this but with so many products in my drawer from my last trip back home to the States, I had put it off. So thank you once again for letting me test such a fun and great product for you!  It did give me glossy, smoother, comforted lips.  I apply it before bed each night as well and it keeps my lips very hydrated. ' • 'I now use this on a no make up day at home and at bedtime.  I have bought more for myself and ordered some for gifts.' • 'I think this was good natural shade and it would suit a wide range of lip tones. It didn't strike me as being too pink as the vast majority of natural lip colour products do'

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