Beauty at any age isn’t just about looking young: it’s about wearing your age happily and healthily. If you don’t work at beauty from the inside-out, even the most expensive skincare isn’t going to make a difference. Taking care to look after your skin is a mark of self-respect, not a sign of vanity. Here’s what you can do to ensure beautiful skin at any age. We tell you everything that’s important: the no-cost beautifiers, lotions, potions, what works and what doesn’t. In this section, find the right skincare – and lifestyle – choices to get you glowing.

From baby to bag lady

Foundations of good skin

The dirt on cleansing

Cracking the cosmetic code

Masks: fast fixes for faces

Beauty sleep

Finding the perfect facial

Eva Fraser's instant face saver tips

Face magic: aromatherapy facial oils

Fresh-made skincare

Weather-beating beauty

Problem skins