The right make-up won’t dramatically change the way you look:   you should continue to look yourself, only lovelier. (And the psychological boost it gives you isn’t imaginary. Japanese scientists have been able to link a stepping up of the immune system to the application of cosmetics.)

But the secret every woman really wants to know is how to apply perfect make-up, every time. Here is the low-down from some of the world’s top professionals. This section contains the only make-up advice you’ll ever need.

Bobbi Brown make-up masterclass

The only ten make-up steps you’ll ever need. Since she launched her bestselling signature line of cosmetics over 20 years ago, Bobbi Brown has become the world’s most famous make-up artist… Read more

Deciphering foundation-speak

Labels can be so confusing that you can end up buying the wrong product for your skin – or not buying anything at all. Here’s the lowdown… Read more


The search for the elusive, perfect foundation is beauty’s Holy Grail. In the UK it’s thought that at least 23 per cent of the money we lavish on cosmetics goes on foundation…Read more

The perfect pout

For most women, lipstick is the cosmetics equivalent of shoes: an instant mood-booster that’s much better than buying new clothes because you don’t have to get undressed to try it on… Read more

Lipsmackingly good tips

Start with:  if chapped lips are a problem, apply Vaseline and then buff with a baby’s toothbrush to get rid of dry skin… Read more

Getting your eyes right

No physical feature expresses your individuality more than your eyes, and there are literally thousands of products out there designed to play them up… Read more

Eye make-up secrets from the pros

More advice from Mary Greenwell: ‘Grey-brown eyeshadows suit all skin types, from the very light to the very dark.’ Read more

More secrets from the pros – mascara

Mary Greenwell warns blondes off black mascara (and liner): ‘They create Barbie-doll type lashes. Use brown, especially for day.’ Read more

Blushing beauty

Blusher has a reputation for being difficult to apply but, once you know what you’re doing, it can make you look your best in seconds. The right blusher for you… Read more

Guidelines for golden girls

Since our first book The Beauty Bible appeared, we’ve gone on to write an entire volume targeted at women over 40 – and packed with make-up tips…  Read more

Evening make-up

Dressing up for the evening used to mean reaching for the scarlet lipstick and black eyeshadow. While evening make-up does demand different techniques from daytime, looking glamorous doesn’t involve putting on heavy colours with a trowel… Read more

Bridal make-up

It’s hard work being a bride. Not only does everyone expect you to look beautiful on the day itself, but the results must stand up to scrutiny for years afterwards, in photos and on video. So it’s worth the extra effort to perfect your appearance… Read more

Interviews and at work

Just three seconds is all the time it takes for a first impression to register on an interviewer – or a new work-mate. Your make-up, hair and hands are speaking for you before you even say a word, say psychologists and image professionals… Read more

Body language – watch what you say

The way you walk, the way you look at the interviewer and the way you shake hands can have a positive or a negative impact. Body language expert Julius Fast (author of Penguin’s Body Language in the Workplace) offers a few reminders… Read more

Double-duty beauty

Most beauty products are designed with one use in mind, but some canny make-up artists and customers have discovered that a cosmetic – or sometimes a store-cupboard basic – can perform two, or even three tasks. Here are some of the cleverest we’ve found… Read more

First aid for make-up mistakes

Here are five remedies for make-up goofs which ensure you wont have to cleanse and start over… Read more