Once upon a time, the nearest we came to hair analysis was when the hairdresser took a strand of hair, pronounced it split beyond repair and prescribed a cut. Today your hairdresser will probably, if asked, go into far more detail about your type of hair and its individual needs.
Expert analysis can also determine products which will improve our crowning glory. Companies including J.F. Lazartigue, La Biosthetique, Shiseido and Redken offer hair, and sometimes scalp, analysis at their own salons and (in some cases) at counters in big department stores. The usual method is to remove a few hairs from your scalp and magnify them, showing up any damage. The products they prescribe are, of course, their own (and in some cases they’re expensive) but they can help deal with a range of hair problems such as dry or unmanageable hair.

If you have long-term or acute hair problems, we suggest you ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist with a particular interest in hair. You may also consider consulting a trichologist privately. Some trichologists – for instance Philip Kingsley (probably the best known and one of the most respected hair gurus) – have created their own range of products.

Otherwise, a reputable nutritionist who combines hair and other tests (e.g. blood, sweat, urine) with a detailed medical and lifestyle examination should be able to guide you on improving your health from crown to toe, by suggesting eating plans and, if necessary, nutritional supplementation.