Eyes cannot lie. About our feelings, about our health – and about our age. And since up to 80 per cent of the information we receive from the world comes to us through our eyes, it is vital not to neglect them. The conventional wisdom is simple: wear specs (or contacts) if you have poor eyesight, don’t sit close to the TV, read under a good light, take off your eye make-up at night – and eat lots of carrots. But there is much more you can do to protect your vision, banish bags and keep the eye area beautiful.

How to be a bright eyes

Puffiness, bloodhound-type bags and dark circles can all provoke morning-after eye dramas. Fortunately, even small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to the state of the ‘mirrors of your soul’... Read more

Brow beat

Think of your brows as face architecture. Well drawn eyebrows really do frame the face, attracting attention to the eyes and making them appear larger and more defined…Read more

Specs appeal

Faces, like bodies, come in a variety of different shapes and the quest for the ultimate in flattering frames can be an uphill struggle. So, how to find your perfect match? Read more