The lip zone is incredibly fragile and vulnerable to sun damage, as well as all the havoc wreaked by wind and cold. To that end, we trialled quite a few specific ‘holiday’ lip SPF products – and none scored that well. So be aware: Beauty Bible wouldn’t recommend that these ‘everyday’ protective winners – below – are adequate for packing for a hot andy sunny destination. An SPF30 minimum would be a wiser precaution, at altitude or on a beach/by a pool. But for a British summer, or a sunny day any time of year? Try these great, lip-nurturing (and closer to home, adequately-protective) choices.


GOLD AWARD and BEST NATURAL balmkind Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm SPF20

Balmkind comment: ‘We believe you should look after your lips and skin equally.’ And their natural, cruelty-free lip balms combine great design with terrific formulations – here, with UVA and UVB filters alongside lysine (an amino acid), oat and pomegranate lipids, protective vitamin E and soothing licorice root. With a whisper of 100% natural rose fragrance, the lip balm glides onto lips via a strikingly brightly-coloured, angled dispenser. (Like us, they’re not big fans of dipping fingers in lip balms.) Notwithstanding the SPF20, we recommend this for closer to home rather than exotic destinations, however.


'I like this practical and useful tube of fairly sticky gel, which applies straight from the tube. It sat well on lips and made them feel moisturised. Over a fortnight of regular use my lips have improved. A persistent dry patch has now gone. It’s important to me that I use a natural lip balm. This promises to nourish, soothe and protect – I like the SPF – and I feel it meets these promises’ • ‘I used this overnight almost as an overnight treatment, and reapplied every two hours or so during the day, mainly because I like the feel. It is very moisturising and I now have this product with me everywhere. It made me feel confident enough to wear a bright pink lipstick’ • ‘This has left my lips in good condition, certainly much better than before. It was only sticky if I over applied – less is definitely more!’ • ‘A lovely natural product that is very hydrating. I like the fruity smell and flavour. I am out in the field all day every day at my Flower Farm and this helped me avoid getting chapped lips. I rely on products like this to keep me safe and healthy. A small product with a big punch. I think this brand with its natural ingredients should be applauded’

£13 for 10ml - click to buy



SILVER AWARD and BEAUTY STEAL Burt’s Bees All-Weather SPF15 Moisturising Lip Balm

Not a summer-holiday-in-a-hot-place lip balm (you’ll need more than an SPF15 on the beach, dear readers), but a good daily year-round broad spectrum protector for comfortable wear closer to home. Although this thin, pocket-friendly stick of balm is formulated with protective zinc oxide, it doesn’t leave lips looking white, offering a matte-ish but not flat finish. Pioneering natural brand Burt’s Bees claim that this is water-resistant for 40 minutes.


'For some reason, my lips had become extremely dry just before I received this and my usual lip balms were having no effect. This worked wonders and my lips felt normal again within a couple of days with some frequent applying.  Really impressed!’ • ‘This has a nice flavour on the lips without being too overpowering and leaves lips soft and kissable, smoother and more moisturising. This claims to be an all weather moisturising lip balm, which it was. It looked after my lips in hot weather, with the SPF’ • ‘This is very comfortable on the lips and not too greasy. My lips always felt moisturised after use. It lasted about three to five hours. It’s important to me to use a natural lip product and I would buy this one’ • ‘This is comfortable on the lips and moisturising. Since it is scent free, I think it would be good for men’ • ‘I love lip balms and have five or six on the go at any one time, scattered through various bags, pockets, cars etc. However when I was using this I notice that I didn't need to reapply throughout the day, which is unheard for me. It contains an SPF15 so is great for summer or winter. It makes a great base for lipstick or gloss and is very moisturising without being heavy or sticky. I’ve already recommended it to lots of people and bought another, as I don't want to run out’

£4.99 for 4.25g - click to buy