Fact: it’s not called ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. So anything that enhances sleep quality is consequentially going to be good for your looks – quite aside from making you feel like a different person. As avid devotees ourselves of many different sleep-inducing products, we wanted to research products that other (real) women found super-effective. They come in different formats – we’ve an entire category for Pillow Mists, an area of wellbeing which is growing very fast – but we wanted to look at different styles of product, including balms, rollerbals, candles and other specific sleep-beckoning treats. The following all did really well. (Can you hear the snoring, from there?)


GOLD and BEAUTY STEAL AWARD Tisserand 3 Step Ritual to Sleep Better

What’s better than a single sleep aid…? Clearly, from the scores for this very affordable winner, what’s actually better is a synergy of three products: Massage & Body Oil, Pillow Mist and Pulse Point Roller Ball. Of course you can mix and match aromatherapy pioneers Tisserands’ three sleep-beckoning products, with their 100% natural essential oil fusion of jasmine, sandalwood and lavender – and they are indeed all sold separately, too – but this is designed as a ritual, to help you wind down serenely before lights-out, waking revived next morning. And it works effectively, as its high score and these comments prove.


'As a shift worker I often struggle to sleep between shifts. Using the body oil after showering at night relaxed me, the pulse point balm and pillow spray helped me relax even more, drifting off to sleep quite quickly. I also noticed I slept all night without waking and the quality of sleep was much better when using this’ • ‘It’s easy to apply these three products on skin and pillow. I do have trouble sleeping and this ritual did help to send me off to sleep. It’s relaxing for mind and body, over the test period helping me get into a nice pattern of sleep • ‘I suffer from insomnia and tend to get stressed at bedtime as I struggle to sleep. This ritual helped my mind to relax and focus on my sleep app so I fell asleep more quickly than my usual two to three hours. My broken sleep pattern didn't change but this did help me to stay calm when I woke after a few hours, and then fall back to sleep. I will definitely re-buy this product as it really is a relaxing aid • ‘Just the whole experience of creating relaxation had a big impact on my ease of drifting off to sleep. It’s a fantastic idea to start the relaxation process a while before bed rather than just misting a pillow spray before you jump under the duvet. I definitely felt much calmer and more sleepy and therefore able to fall asleep quicker. Most nights after following the 3 step ritual I didn't wake in the early hours and felt more refreshed in the morning. The nights I forgot to use this or didn't have time I definitely didn't sleep as well. I even tried it on my husband and he agreed he didn't wake in the early hours.’

£11.95 for 2 x 9ml & 1 x 10ml - click to buy



SILVER AWARD Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm

There’s room for this even in the smallest in-flight plastic baggie (and we’d never travel through time zones without it ourselves). Featuring a similar essential oil blend as the candle, left – lavender, chamomile, ho wood, palmarosa, rose and geranium – this adds further soothing layers to the head-clearing, mind-soothing blend via patchouli, clove and ylang ylang. Simply swivel up the shea- and moringa-based balm stick, glide over pulse-points – we also like to apply it to our décolletage, in order to inhale the aroma – and… wait, is that snoring we can hear…?


'I always have trouble sleeping but this balm, which you rub on pulse points, really did help send me off to sleep over the week that I tested it. It lived up to its claims to clear the head, quieten the mind and relax the body. I use a FitBit to track sleep as well as activity and it recorded that I fell asleep more quickly using this • ‘I loved the fragrance, which seemed mostly lavender. It was like being in a relaxing spa. My mood was uplifted after breathing in the balm. I slept well apart from being woken by my small child. I really enjoy the ritual of applying it before bed and breathing in the aromas while drifting off to sleep. I would say it does relax the body and I think it would be great for a long haul flight • ‘I am a total insomniac due to the menopause and although it didn't make me sleep this did relax and calm me, which is good enough for me. I have kept this under my pillow so that I can just reach out for it in the middle of the night. I have also used it at work during stressful times. I am anxious and claustrophobic but this definitely calmed me when I had to have MRI scans. I would definitely buy it as it smells lovely and is so portable • ‘I noticed that every time I used this I didn't have broken sleep. So it enabled me to have a full night’s sleep with no disruption or waking, which I was pleased with • ‘I definitely felt calm and relaxed when I used this product. It does seem to work to reset your mood naturally. I also carry it round with me as a pick me up during stressful times when I feel the need to relax.’

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BRONZE AWARD Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Candle

It’s Silver and Bronze for Scentered, the stylish and effective range of mood-shifting products created by beauty biz dynamo Lara Morgan. Scentered launched with pulse-point balms (see right), and after a year of R&D added this 100% natural Sleep Well candle to the line-up. Light it at bathtime or in the bedroom before slipping between the sheets to fill the air with its calming blend of chamomile, palmarosa, lavender, ho wood, geranium and ylang ylang. They instruct the weary to ‘Stop and light your candle. Inhale deeply. And reset your mind…’ Our 10 testers were happy to obey.


'This candle has a nice relaxing fragrance. I had a very deep nights sleep with beautiful dreams. I don't remember when I last slept so well. Thank you! • ‘The lavender and chamomile scents of this candle helped relax and unwind. I usually have trouble sleeping but this gave me some very good night’s sleep. I am hoping that my sleep will improve significantly as I go on using it. I loved thte product and think it would be a lovely gift for anyone having sleep deprived nights • ‘I loved the gentle glow as it burned next to my pre bed bath. The fragrance is delightful • ‘This did make me feel more relaxed so I fell asleep a little more easily. I enjoyed the deep lavender herby scent.’

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