Redness – whether occasional sensitivity-related flare-ups, or longer-term problems with rosacea – is incredibly distressing. Of course, it’s distressing to women – but also to men, who (in our experience) don’t generally feel they can reach for concealer/foundation to cover the problem up. So anything which helps to reduce skin redness, discomfort, itching and burning can be an absolute godsend to sufferers – male or female. In our preliminary Beauty Bible tester questionnaires, we specifically ask whether testers suffer from redness issues – and only send products to those who’ve ticked that box. The following did well in the trials for the 2019 Awards. (Others, not so much, in this round of testing.)



GOLD AWARD Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

In our last round of Awards, a different Clinique Redness product – the cleanser – scooped Gold in this challenging category. So this is clearly a go-to range for women troubled by persistent or occasional redness, and even rosacea. This is a moisturising cream formulated specifically to calm, incorporating antioxidant and anti-irritant ingredients, algae extract, resveratrol, green tea, vitamin E, wheatgerm, barley and linoleic acid, shea butter… There’s also mica and powders to reduce the appearance of redness from first applications. The list of ingredients may be long, but as with all Clinique products this is hypoallergenic and tested in depth for suitability for the most sensitive skins.


'Top marks. My skin is red, dry but with an oily T-zone, very unbalanced with uneven skin tone and occasional sensitivity when I have a reaction to something. This was immediately soothing when I had a flare-up; skin felt less tight straight away. The inflammation started to fade much faster than usual and my skin was more even. Within a few days, the redness and irritation were banished.  By the time I finished the product, the redness was gone on cheeks and chin. My skin is clearer, the tone is more even, and I haven’t had a flare-up. Everyone noticed the redness had gone. I love how my skin looks now’ • ‘I get sensitivity a few times a month since my late twenties. This felt cool and luxurious and calmed my skin where it needed. It was totally soothing immediately. After several weeks, I’m still using as you only need a small amount so it lasts – now the redness is not as prominent plus there’s a slight reduction in fine wrinkles. Really improved my overall skin clarity and tone.  I wouldn't say I look younger but definitely healthier. For sure I would buy it’ • ‘I mostly have permanent - as opposed to reactive – redness (mostly thread veins on my cheeks) and that hasn't improved. But this certainly calms and cools the skin, which helps with the bits of reactive redness. It is absolutely wondrous underneath foundation; leave it to settle for a few minutes and the result is a dewy glowing finish without greasiness. (The yellow-toned powder in this range is my Holy Grail product by the way; I haven’t been without it since it launched)’ • ‘This was immediately cooling and soothing and I liked the slight sheen. My skin instantly looked less red! And continued to look less red for the whole day with a general sense of being calmer, returning to a less upset state, as it was when I was younger. My husband commented that my skin looked good when I used this’ • ‘Reduced my almost constant redness and made the skin tone more even. It felt rich but absorbed easily and left my skin feeling soft and protected.’

£41 for 50ml - click to buy


SILVER and BEST NATURAL AWARD Pai Instant Calm Redness Serum

According to natural brand Pai, the sea aster in their one-pump, once-a-night serum inhibits the release of neuropeptides, molecules which cause skin to flare; these also strengthen the surface of skin by boosting collagen and elastin production, helping to reduce the appearance of redness. The serum also offers a wild oat extract, to protect against environmental irritants. (Oats are famously soothing.)


'My normal to dry skin has always been very sensitive and flares up every so often. This sinks in very fast and feels light and calming. It’s very soothing and I like the delicate fragrance. It's a joy to use. My skin felt comfortable and hydrated. I love seeing the difference it’s making to my skin. It’s noticeably less red and irritated and looks clearer. I look more healthy and younger. So I am more confident’ • ‘Most of my redness is due to broken capillaries, which wouldn't respond to a topical product, but this does soothe the skin if it’s inflamed and sore, which mine is occasionally. It helped with a red patch on my cheek’ • ‘The very silky consistency grew on me. It sinks in really quickly and skin feels amazingly soft once it dries. I really loved the softness and my skin tone was more even after two weeks. By the end of the product, my skin tone was a lot more even with not much redness at all and it looked clear and brighter, fuller and less haggard (especially after a night on the sauce…). I would buy it’ • ‘This is a nice serum, which leaves the skin looking healthy, revitalized, nourished and soothed but sadly no effect on redness for me’ • ‘This product is very gentle and soothing on the skin, very nice to use on my slightly red cheeks.’

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This is part of a capsule range from a much-loved French pharmacy brand now landed in the UK which targets skin prone to sensitivity, redness and rosacea. The cream-gel has a heat-regulating effect, they promise – actually, they call it a ‘firewall’ (!) – to deliver gradual and long-lasting cooling via menthol, along with soothing, decongesting, anti-inflammatory licorice. We’ve declared it a ‘steal’ in comparison to the prices of the other effective redness treatments we trialled. (NB We didn’t trial this, but there’s a ‘sister’ product with an SPF50+ which, if you like this, is probably worth checking out.)


'I am so pleased to have been introduced to this product; it has made a big difference to my skin, especially during this long hot summer. It is very soothing; doesn't sink in immediately but does make the skin feel amazing and the redness disappears. I’ve never found anything that works before. After finishing the product, my skin isn’t as red. I still have the broken capillaries but they aren’t as noticeable. My skin looks fresher and brighter, smoother and younger. I do still need to be careful in the sun though. I have already bought more of the product’ • ‘I have red thread veins on my cheeks, chin and at the side of my nose and often more redness in summer. This year [2018] it became a big problem with the prolonged heat.  This green gel cream sinks in quickly and feels cooling. It does reduce skin redness and is moisturising and cooling. It seems to diffuse and blur the redness to some extent, giving a more even skin tone. It is good to use without make-up, but I found it can tend to pill off with it, despite its claim of working as a primer’ • ‘I loved this product, which was very effective on the stress-triggered rosacea on my combination skin. The green colour was helpful and the texture soothed my skin though it sometimes felt a bit heavy. It reduced the redness and my skin texture improved – it became firmer and smoother’ • ‘This felt menthol-tingly on the areas around my nose. When that settled, my skin felt soothed. The redness was slightly diminished, but not as much as I would have liked. There were no changes in the texture or feeling in my skin’ • ‘If my redness flared up I would certainly use this product again. It did help to reduce my redness, although I can’t say it completely cleared it. It was easy to use and despite the tingling sensation and chemical scent it didn’t cause any irritation to my skin.’

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