Reflecting the fact that there are statistically fewer redheads than blondes, brunette and people with black hair (although they do at last have their own emoji!), there just aren’t many contenders for this category, full stop. But these two specific shampoos did impress our red-headed testers (we always ask people’s haircolour in the tester questionnaire, and prescribe accordingly).


GOLD AWARD Infuse My. Colour Copper Shampoo

100% vegan with zero sulphates, silicones and parabens, this quite intensely copper-coloured product has been formulated to maintain the brightness of auburn, strawberry blonde, copper and warm brown hair and can, they maintain, also be used to add warm tones to bleached hair, delivering a peachy effect. (We didn’t try it for that, though, so proceed at your own risk!)


‘FAB product. Very easy to work through hair and it was very nice and bubbly. I really enjoyed using it and it made my hair feel very clean. It gave it a little more shine, and made my hair feel lighter. It gave it extra shape and bounce. I would 100% buy this’ • ‘This really did brighten my hair and gave my red highlights a lovely coppery brilliance with a wonderful shine and glow. It made my hair very manageable and I could comb it through straight after shampooing. It didn't weigh down hair at all. The consistency was fantastic. A great boost. I am very impressed with this product’ • ‘It lathered a little, which is good for a 0% sulphate shampoo. My hair felt clean after use and looked very shiny, with brighter colour’ • ‘This was very easy to work though my thick hair. It did get it clean but there wasn't much of a lather, though I do live in a very hard water area so that might be the problem. My hair looked in better condition and glossier. The main part of my hair is quite dark so the colour wasn't affected but the ends are lighter and you could see they had taken the colour. It’s definitely more shiny. Its usually quite difficult to manage, being so thick, but I found this did make is more manageable. I would buy this.’

£14.95 for 250ml - click to buy


SILVER AWARD Davines Alchemic System Shampoo

From a (more) environmentally-friendly haircare brand created in Italy by a family called Bollati, and whose reach is extending into many of our own favourite hair salons (you can also buy the range online, NB), the Alchemic System was developed to take care of coloured hair, both enhanced and natural, between salon visits. In this case, we trialled Alchemic Conditioner Red, in its sleek brown apothecary bottle, which aims to enrich red hair with vibrant tones by adding ‘fire’, as they put it, to auburn to redheads.. (NB There’s a matching conditioner which we didn’t try, but is definitely worth a go if you like the shampoo.)


‘This was very easy to work through my hair and left it feeling clean. It gave a great shine and brightened the colour. My scalp felt fine and my hair felt lighter and fresher. I would buy it’ • ‘This lathered really well for a low sulphate shampoo. Hair felt clean after. It was really glossy and the product seemed to tone down brassiness and even out my colour. My hair felt soft and silky but still retained body and bounce. I didn't have to wash my hair more often than my usual every two days. My scalp felt fine and hair in really good condition. Great shampoo’ • ‘The colour did look more intense and there was noticeable improvement in the shine and texture. My hair was more manageable. It definitely stops the red (colour) washing out as quickly so the grey hairs underneath are less pronounced. It also ensures coherent colour throughout the hair strands. It's a bit of an investment but as it saves on having my hair coloured it is worthwhile so I would definitely buy it.’

£15.80 for 250ml - click to buy