Q. Can you advise me what supplement to take to replace MenoHerbs 2 as I understand that this is no longer available? I am 49 years old and have not had any symptoms yet but would like to take preventive measures to help reduce hot flushes etc.
A. We suggest you try Sage Complex by Food Science of Vermont, taking one capsule three times a day. This supplement contains a comprehensive blend of herbs, which have been used in traditional medicine to help alleviate hot flushes and other common menopausal concerns: these include black cohosh, dong quai, sage extract and chasteberry. Siberian ginseng, which is also included, may help with energy and stress.  We’ve given this to several menopausal friends who completely swear by it.

Sage Complex by Food Science of Vermont,  £23.95 for 90 capsules at www.victoriahealth.com - buy here (and, of course, you get a 5% ‘insider discount’, deducted at checkout)


Q. I’m having a real problem with hormonal spots around the chin area, due I think to recently coming off the Pill.  Could you recommend any vitamins or supplements that could help rebalance me from the inside out?

A. We asked pharmacist Shabir Daya, in-house genius pharmacist at Victoria Health (www.victoriahealth.com) for his recommendations.  Shabir says that the usual cause is oestrogen dominance, due to lower levels of progesterone and recommends Chaste Berry Fruit, one capsule twice daily, to balance the hormones. It takes eight to 12 weeks so be patient. Also take two capsules daily of Tejaswini, an Ayurvedic herbal remedy to cleanse and purify the gut and bloodstream by Kerala Pharmacy, and one Vitamin A Softgels to strengthen the cells against toxic inflammation. And please don’t forget to have a really good diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg (remember five to ten portions daily), and at least eight large glasses of pure still water between meals.

Chaste Berry Extract by Nature’s Plus, £15 for 120 capsules at www.victoriahealth.com – buy here (and remember you get a 5% discount deducted automatically at the checkout)

Tejaswini, £13.50 for 30 capsules at www.victoriahealth.com - buy here (see note above about discount)

Vitamin A by HealthAid, 100 capsules for £6.99 at www.victoriahealth.com – buy here (see above)