Q. I’m trying hard for all my family to change to a green toothpaste. I’ve tried Jason’s and Green People and others, but they can’t match the foaming capabilities of normal chemical toothpaste. Is there any toothpaste out there that is green and would be similar to normal toothpaste?

A. Bit tricky because the foaming agent in conventional toothpastes is the chemical you are presumably avoiding, namely Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which is a detergent and surfactant.  To be honest, we haven’t found any that really foam up – but we don’t mind that.  And, although we’ve done a bit of further investigating, we can’t really find any other contenders.  Victoria Health tell us that Green People is their bestselling natural toothpaste (we like Walavita and Weleda brands too) so perhaps you could retrain your family that less foam is fine…?