Q. What’s the most pampering DIY hand treatment I can try at home?
A. Liz Earle, creator of her own signature cosmetic range (see our home page for a special offer) knows just about all there is to know about botanically-based, whiz-them-up-at-home beauty treats. Her latest rave? ‘I’ve become hooked on the natural perfume from real damask roses, so for a quick pick-me-up beauty treat, I soak my hands in a basin of warm water sprinkled with a few drops of rose absolute. Hands carry a lot of tension, so it’s super-relaxing; the perfume lasts for ages – and my hands love it.’ (Liz Earle also uses organic rosewater from the damask rose as the base of her heavenly-scented Energizing Body Gel.)

Q. What’s the best way that I to soften really hard and callused hands?

A. Iris Chapple advises stocking up on sweet almond oil and a dropper bottle. ‘A few drops of this, massaged into hands, works as a wonderful barrier,’ says Iris. A couple of times a week, Iris recommends using a body exfoliant to scrub hands, before applying yet more almond oil and wrapping the hands in hot towels while relaxing for half an hour. ‘Hands should soon be baby-soft again.’