Prize Draws

We dip into beauty bible's little black book to bring you fab prizes from brands we truly love...



CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our last line-up of prize draws:

Samaya Leave-on-overnight Exfoliants

  • Hannah Beaumont

  • Lynne Griffiths

  • Evelyn Leiper

  • Karen Saxon

  • Debra Saxon

  • Debra Becker

  • Sabine de Kamps

  • Lindsey Clegg

  • Lynda Skillet

  • Samantha Chilton

  • Bianca Cranmer

Evolve Organic Starter Skincare Regime Collection

  • Sue Foster

  • Lisa Evans

  • Adam Odrzywolek

  • Heidi Wilmot

  • Hannah Summersfield

  • Stefanie Longworth

  • Anne Shackley

  • Amanda Trelfa

  • Margaret King

  • Jill Peters

The Perfume Society Summer Fragrance Wardrobe

  • Kirsty Bowden

  • Kathleen Molloy

  • Glenda Savage

  • Angela Pritchard

  • Deborah Preston

  • Michelle Smith

  • Theodora Hadjiandreou Masterton

  • Christine Miller

  • Tracey Penfold-Howard

  • Jennifer Lacey

  • Barbara Mac Farlane

  • Emma Whilde

  • Jane Daly

  • Michelle Reeves

  • Sandra Mcdaid

  • Linda Rumsey

  • Mary Volkering

  • Doreen Sneddon

  • Joanne Mccormick

  • Katie Parry

L’Occitane Verbana

  • Kim Houghton

  • Jamie Millard

  • Sylvia Smith

  • Kathryn Thomson

  • Carrie Williams

Balance Me Top to Toe

  • Valerie Hytch


A note to winners: you should be hearing from Jessie Lawrence, our Website Co-ordinator, if you have been lucky enough to win a prize. We will then pass on your details to the donors of the prizes in order for them to dispatch your prizes (we do not dispatch from here).

If you have not heard from Jessie then please use the form below to contact her.

NB We have very occasionally had instances where Beauty Bible subscribers share a name with a winner but have not actually won a prize – so do check with us if your name appears on the list but you haven’t heard from Jessie.

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