The right time to introduce a neck cream into your regime is before you think you need it. Because – trust us – by the time you notice the sagging, or the lines around the neck, or crêpiness, it’s going way, way harder for any treatment to make a difference. Prevention is also better than cure in the form of UV protection – so ensure that any daily or holiday SPF you apply is taken all the way down to vest-line, basically. The key with using any neck cream, meanwhile, is to be completely religious about it. Night and morning; as with an eye cream, we’ve noticed women tend to use them intermittently – yet still expect results. The reason our testers gave impressively high scores to these winners is almost certainly partly down to the fact that when trialling products for Beauty Bible, they’re very good about abiding by manufacturers’ instructions, in order to complete their forms. Alas, there were no Beauty Steals that did at all well in our testing for this category, meanwhile. Never are. But take it from us: you’ll never, ever regret investing in your neck.


GOLD AWARD Emma Hardie Lift & Sculpt Firming Neck Treatment

We love an applicator tool, personally – and our testers clearly agree, having enjoyed the unique massage roller applicator that delivers this powerful serum from one of the UK’s leading superfacialists. As Emma explains, that rollerball helps ‘to tone, drain and firm the skin and muscles’, while delivering a cocktail of potent de-ageing ingredients including Liftonin-Expert® (to stimulate collagen production), Neodermyl® (described as ‘the needle-free collagen and elastin filler’), hydrating hyaluronic acid and a blend of omega oils, including raspberry and Inca Inchi oil, to help retain moisture in an area that is notoriously prone to parchedness. It scored outstanding marks, rising to meet one of beauty’s biggest challenges.


'10/10: The first morning after using this I noticed my neck felt firmer, with softer and smoother skin. After two weeks, the skin around my neck was firmer, toned and felt tighter. There was less dryness as it was more hydrated. I would buy this’ • ‘The real plus point to this product was the dispenser that made the lotion glide onto your skin; I felt as if I was giving my neck a little workout with a beauty tool. The cream was lovely, very creamy and smooth with a beautiful subtle flowery scent .My skin felt refreshed and tighter and I loved the tingly happy feeling it produced’ • ‘A nice product, with a novel delivery. I did notice a difference immediately in that my neck and décolleté felt soft and smooth. After two weeks, my skin was definitely not as dry or crêpey, but looked soft, smooth and supple. By the end of the trial, my skin looks visibly plumped and smooth’ • ‘A great product. I really liked the innovative inbuilt roller that gives you a mini massage each time you use, and the lovely, cool, creamy-but-not-too-thick consistency, one up from a lotion. Once I finished rolling on the product I rubbed in the extra with my hand. By the end of the trial my neck is smoother and a little plumper and firmer’ • ‘Top marks! The real surprise product for me. I loved it. I do not use a neck cream normally but would repurchase this. The delivery system is good. I really did not expect to like this product as much as I did. It surpassed my expectations and is now in my top products ever’ • 'One of the best neck creams I have ever used. I started to notice a difference after two weeks use and by the end I had a less wrinkly neck, with far fewer visible crepey lines straight across. It promises skin tightening and firming, and it did actually live up to this. I do think the massage part of the application helps. I would buy and do recommend to others.'

£65 for 40ml - click to buy



SILVER AWARD Crystal Clear Rewind 10 Super Sonic Neck Firm and Lift Duo

Interestingly, our silver award also went to a treatment with a special tool for application – in this case, a sonic implement which works on a similar basis to vibrating toothbrushes, but specifically designed to lift, firm and restore the neck and décolletage. It also aids absorption of the moisturiser itself, which incorporates a blend of high-tech molecules (Pheohydrane, Unisteron Y-50, Phycojuevenine and seaweed extract Aroleat samphira, if you’re interested). Us? We’re more keen to hear what real women have to tell us – and as you can see, they were impressed. Use twice daily, they recommend, and concentrate the sonic waves on areas that have lost elasticity.


'10/10! Love it! This treatment cream and application tool came with very clear instructions and was incredibly easy to apply. You massage a small amount into your neck and then follow the diagram to use the battery-operated applicator, which I found I wanted to use over my forehead and eye area too. The whole process felt like having my own spa treatment at home. I was starting to get a few crease lines and noticed that the three I have were definitely less than they had been before almost immediate. You could see an instant impact straight after use; longer-term, my neck skin looks brighter, firmer, less read and the faint creases had filled out so my neck is more matching the smoother texture of my face. Would I buy it? YES YES YES! Did I say I love it???’ • ‘Heavenly scented, smooth, silky cream that sinks in very quickly, no feeling of it sitting on the surface, just an instantly smoother finish’ • ‘After two weeks, fine lines around chin, mouth and forehead diminished. By end of product I could see smoother, more taut and even-toned skin on my neck – I also used it on my face, which benefited too. Overall made my skin look and feel healthier, firmer and lessened some of the lines’ • ‘After two weeks I noticed skin was smooth and my neck muscles were relaxed and not painful: I think this is due to the vibrating function on the neck wand. By the end of the trial, my neck and décolleté look brighter and nourished’ • ‘The skin on my neck feels smoother and the fine lines have reduced. The texture of my skin has improved; its smoother and more hydrated, but it sadly did not tighten my saggy neck. I would use the toning machine all over my face as I found it relaxing and it helped product penetration everywhere, especially serums and moisturisers’ • ‘Everything is so much softer and less noticeable; necklace lines not so defined and cleavage not so crêpey’ • ‘One lazy day I decided to use the moisturiser and sonic wand on my face too. Wow!!! Simply great, toning and plumping not only the neck but also the face. My face was glowing! This also got rid of the lines between my eyebrows. Since then I have been using this product especially the sonic wand on my face weekly and before any special occasions and just love it. Even make- up goes on more smoothly and evenly.’

£89.99 for 60ml & sonic wand - click to buy



It seems no coincidence that this – a personal favourite of Jo’s – is the third of our 2018 Award-winning products to feature a special applicator. In this case, you remove the lid to reveal a three-rollerball applicator which is not only deeply cooling to use, but works to dispense the silkily-textured blend of goldenrod and hematite extracts, red algae, something called ‘Syn Coll’ (to boost collagen production), and PRAI’s own signature extract. Apply the serum in upward motions, they recommend.


'I have used this morning and evening for three months now and I have noticed a firming to my neck and décolletage.  I apply it when I go to bed, as it does stay slightly tacky for about 30 minutes after. I am 53 so don't expect miracles at this age, but my sister commented recently that my neck looked less crêpey so I'm pleased with that’ • ‘When I first used this serum I didn’t really like the feeling of the roller balls on my bony chest and neck. However, I did get used to it. Now, the creases and lines on my chest are noticeably smoother and a lot less visible. When my daughter was describing it to my son (both in their 20’s) she said ‘it’s amazing! It’s got rid of all Mum’s lines’. So I’m super happy about that!’ • ‘I use a neck cream preventatively because my mother always encouraged me to. I have definitely noticed how much softer the skin is after using this - velvety soft. I like the subtle floral smell and the massage balls dispenser. My mum was very jealous when she saw me using it!’ • ‘After two weeks, there was a big difference in my neck and décolletage; they were both much smoother and far less crepey. I have sun damage and longer term, my skin was so much more taut and much softer. My neck looked younger and smoother but much more noticeable was my décolletage. I would buy this’ • ‘I thought this smelt of bananas at first but (thankfully) it didn't last. My skin felt soft after first use and after two weeks, some fine lines had softened and the skin looked smoother and well hydrated. By the end of the product, it was smoother and plumper looking so it looked younger. The softening of lines on neck and especially décolletage were the most noticeable effects.’

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