Short of a magic wand or a veil, these are the quickest way to make lines and wrinkles disappear – and don’t we all need a fast fix in our lives? Only two winners scored well enough to make the grade, for 2019 – with Benefit holding on to its top ranking – although please don’t expect results to rival a facelift. (Not that you’ll catch us booking one of those anytime soon.) These often get their line-blurring power from a mega-dose of skin-smoothing silicones, and are probably a little bit too much of a faff for everyday use, as they require patting into problem areas. But for special occasions, date nights, weddings and interviews, a judicious dab will pay off, for sure.


GOLD AWARD Benefit The Porefessional

Last year’s Gold Award-winner – and previously taking the top slot in this skin-perfecting category – this slightly skin-tinted balm has come up trumps again. Don't be deceived by the word ‘pore’ in the name; while it’s great for reducing the visibility of pores, it’s terrific for blurring lines. Very silky and lightweight, oil-free and with a matte finish, it also acts as a make-up primer to enhance staying power when applied all over. We find it can also be tapped into particular lines over make-up to minimise their appearance – great on frown-lines between the eyebrows, and on laugh lines under eyes – and the tube’s pretty portable.


'Top marks. This creamy product is very easy to apply according to the directions. You only need a little and fine lines seem smoother and finer, wrinkles look less deep, pores less prominent and it seems to lift the area. Make-up glides on smoothly over the top. My skin looked natural and flawless. I am a devotee already’ • ‘This is a great primer for under foundation but also when you need a little help on no make-up days.  I use this on my nose, chin and cheek areas, as I have noticeable pores and using this makes them less visible. Make-up slides on over the top and this does not cake or cause the product to come off. It lasts all day, minimising flaws’ • ‘I have already purchased more! It promises to minimise the look of pores and fine lines and it does that really well. A blob the size of two peas really did smooth out fine lines, especially the ones round my eyes and mouth. Wrinkles all seemed less prominent except the deep ones on my forehead. It also left me with a lovely natural glow. My powder, blusher and highlight went on over it just fine, with no movement or slipping’ • ‘I really love this product - the Benefit Pore Professional makes my skin look almost flawless. It sits luxuriously on my complexion and feels really comfortable. It makes my skin feel soft and replenished. My skin looks natural and fresh and looked after.  This is a really great little product and a little of it goes a long, long, long way’ • ‘This gives a perfect base for make-up by disguising pores and brightening the surface of the skin. I definitely noticed when I skipped it. I tried it under tinted moisturiser, liquid foundation and loose mineral powder foundation. They all glided on skin better and my skin looked polished. My husband said I looked radiant a few times so that makes it a star product for me!’

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SILVER AWARD Indeed Snoxin II Facial Line Fighter

We like Indeed’s philosophy. As they put it: ‘The beauty industry can be far from real. From exaggerated claims, to touched up photos and celebrity endorsements, real doesn’t seem to happen too often in the skincare industry. Tired of seeing the false hope so many people found from their skincare products and frustrated that people didn’t have ways to proudly show their true selves behind the camera or in a crowd, we set out on a mission to give real results to real people.’ With high-dosage peptide – including XEP-018™, which they describe as ‘a clinically proven biomimetic peptide that minimises muscle contractions to instantly soften the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles’, it sets out to deliver immediate cosmetic line-smoothing effects, while targeting lines and wrinkles longer-term; results should be visible in 28 days, they maintain, when used twice a day. Bottom line? Here’s what our real-life testers thought.


'Top marks for this nice, easy to apply serum, which goes under make-up. Fine lines seemed to disappear, wrinkles were less noticeable and my skin looked smoother. The effect lasted all day. I would definitely buy it’ • ‘Love the science behind all the Indeed Laboratories products and their simple packaging implying they don't need to shout about their claims. It also places emphasis on their ingredients rather than fancy packaging. Loved the cooling effect on application and found it very soothing. Think it does a brilliant job of filling in the fine lines immediately after application and the product doesn't pill like a lot of similar products I have tried. Great value for money too. A win win product for me’ • ‘I love this product! I use it twice a day as part of my routine; I have used Indeed products before but not this one. It has a gel consistency that sinks into the skin immediately. I use this under make-up and it does not crease or come off. I do not notice a big difference immediately but after seven days noticed the lines on my forehead were less prominent. I noticed this more when I went away for a few days and forgot to pack it: lines were back with a vengeance. This will be on my list for future purchases’ • ‘I do like this product. I would normally be a sceptic but I do think that my fine lines and wrinkles seem a lot less obvious – more even and finer - over the trial period. Some seem to have disappeared altogether. The serum gives a really smooth bright finish and feels completely natural and comfortable’ • ‘I used this night and morning as instructed. You need a small dot only, to cover the whole face. It made my skin look nice and firm and make-up went on well.’

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