This was a new category for our awards – but the winner (really the only contender in this category that testers felt worthy of an Award, strangely) goes beyond merely detangling and adding shine, helping to shield against the damage done by heated styling tools. (Which can be quite considerable.) Definitely something you could add in to your haircare regimen if you like to style the heck out of your barnet.


GOLD AWARD Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Conditioning Spray

Many know Philip Kingsley's deeply conditioning, multi-award-winning Elastizer product – but the trichologist brand describe this as 'the everyday Elasticizer', a spritz-on product to be applied to wet hair and simply, effortlessly left without rinsing. It detangles, protects, conditions, guards against frizz and static and from the damage caused by heated hair appliances. Although PK tell us it's suitable for coarse, fine and medium hair, we think the fine-haired will probably be most drawn to this because it's so lightweight, yet effectively conditioning with it. Couldn't be easier to use, that's for sure.


‘I’m pretty much sold on this product and will buy more when I fish this. It’s easy to apply and work in this very fine mist – just make sure you’re on target! It helps protect hair from the amount of drying and straightening I do as I grow out short layers into a bob, as well as taming the sticking up/out bits.  It leaves hair shiny and sleek. It’s really effective and does what it says on the bottle’ • ‘My very thick hair is noticeably glossier with fewer knots and less breakage – in better condition all round. It has retained its volume so it looks full and sleek. I will buy more’ • ‘This made my colour-treated hair lovely and shiny, less fly away but still with body. It tends to go a bit “fraggle rock” on humid days and this made it stay smoother. I used it three times a week as I would normally use conditioner after shampooing. Also my hair has actually grown! It normally sticks at a certain length and snaps off but I’ve now got it past my shoulders with very few split ends’ • ‘Conditioners normally make my hair go a bit seaweed on a rock but this kept me shiny and frizz free without sacrificing body and bounce I really love iT’ • ‘10/10! I have bought more already as it has revolutionised my styling routine, simplifying and speeding it up no end. It’s easier to manage with a subtle shine. Some products weigh your hair down and make it look greasy but not this one. It looks in better condition and has rapidly reduced my styling time, which is amazing – especially when I’m trying to get out of the house’ • ‘I really enjoyed testing this product. I liked how easy it was to use and the results on my hair.  Although my hair is not prone to frizz it definitely looked smoother and shinier. I like to think that the spray also protected my hair from the heat of the hairdryer.’

£25 for 250ml - click to buy