Zeolite Absorbent and deodorant – also known as Aluminium silicate;  see ‘A‘ – here.

Zinc A white metal mineral source, and also a nutrient in many foodstuffs. A sunblocking ingredient which sits on the skin’s surface and bounces light away.

Zinc gluconate Derived from Zinc and Gluconic acid, an ambery-coloured liquid produced from corn and used as a dietary supplement, as well as in cosmetics.

Zinc magnesium aspartate Zinc combined with Magnesium aspartate (which in turn comes from the mineral Magnesium, and Aspartic acid – which occurs naturally in sugars and molasses, but may also be synthesised).

Zinc ricinoleate Used as a fungicide, stabiliser and emulsifier, from Zinc, combined with an ingredient which originally comes from the castor oil plant.

Zinc stearate Also known as ‘Zinc soap’. A mixture of the zinc salts from Palmitic acid and Stearic acid; helps give cosmetics ‘staying power’ by helping them to adhere. Can be used to colour cosmetics and is also used in bath preparations, hand creams, lotions, and baby powders, although inhalation of the airborne powder may cause lung problems.