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This category features several different styles of product so really, you need to decide whether you'd prefer an oil-sleeking oil to skim through hair and tame flyaways, a serum, or to have anti-frizz ingredients in your regular hair conditioner. The performances were really very similar (and excellent) – it's the type of product that varies here, which is a pretty personal choice. (Do scroll down for more winners.) Frizz, be gone! is the verdict.


GOLD AWARD label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Radiance Oil

We've often had issues with testers not wanting to trial hair oils in previous Beauty Bible trials – but this makes us think we'll always send them in future to panellists with frizzy hair, who'll try pretty much anything! This fine, light oil can be smoothed into wet hair and combed through to nourish, repair and protect, concentrating on dry areas for a deeper treatment. It is (so label.m tell us) ' formulated with an exclusive Rejuven-8tm Complex and Moroccan argan oil to instantly transform the look and feel of dry and damaged hair to leave it frizz free, nourished, soft and shiny.' And testers loved it. For background, label.m is the official haircare product of London Fashion Week, developed by professional stylists working in a team headed by Toni Mascolo (the 'Toni' of Toni & Guy), and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.


‘This smelt lovely and gave good results on my long thick wavy hair if I was careful to use just one squirt and had time to work it though. It made my hair easier to style, defined curls, and was good at de-frizzing’ • ‘Very easy to work through my fine, coloured hair and didn't leave it greasy or heavy. I used it only holiday where it was too hot and humid to straighten my hair so let it dry natural and used the oil to define my curls. It did a good job of doing that without any frizziness. Also, when I have used it on damp hair prior to styling the style has lasted well’ • ‘A great, lightweight, easy to use hair oil, which smells amazing and does what it says on the tin, leaving my hair soft, shiny, and smoothed. What more could you ask for?’ • ‘I have tried lots of different styling oils and frizz controllers and this one is up there with the best. I can't think of anything negative to say about it. I use it after shampooing and as a finishing product it leaves no greasy residue. I used it before blow-drying and it left my hair smooth and soft, healthy and bouncy and without frizz!’ • ‘I sometime use this product on wet hair before I go to bed.  In the morning my hair has lots of natural curls and amazing volume’ • ‘Very good at defining the layers on my very fine mid length hair. A really good product.  A little tiny bit does your whole head of hair for the day.  Fantastic value, though, as it seems to last forever.’

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SILVER & BEST NATURAL AWARD Liz Earle Botanical Shine™ Nourishing Hair Oil

This, too, is a lightweight oil-format product – to be used as a conditioning product on wet hair, or massaged into palms to smooth and tame stray and frizzy hairs. Botanicals include Kalahari melon oil, coconut oil and radish seed oil, and this is suitable for all hairtypes, not just the frizz-prone. (Unlike the label.m product – left – you pump a few drops into the hand rather than apply directly to hair.) According to Liz Earle, when smoothed into damp hair it can also speed up blow-drying time and protect against heat damage.


‘I am impressed. My thick, normally lank, dull and greasy hair really benefited from this. It was easier to style, hair looked really smooth so it’s good at defrizzing, and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't leave hair sticky or greasy looking. The style looked good and lasted all day. I would buy this’ • ‘I didn't expect to like this or for it to work, as it was such a light texture.  I was happily proved wrong.  I used it on wet and dry hair, before and after straightening, and on its own as well as mixed with other products and it never let me down once. Straightening and blow-drying were easier for my fine, tin, flyaway, wavy, prone to frizz hair. It gave hair a lovely shine and a healthy look. It was reasonably good at de-frizzing if the weather conditions weren’t too extreme’ • ‘I like this oil, a little goes a very long way, will take me well over a year to use this bottle so quite economical despite the price tag. It gives a lovely shiny finish after blow-drying – really glossy. Problems only occur if you use too much product. It says it speeds up blow-drying although I can’t say I noticed any difference but I think it does protect against heat damage’ • ‘I have used oils before but they have made my hair greasy and dull; this gets absorbed by the hair and provides a smooth finish, delivers shine and reduces my drying time. Even my hairdresser remarked how my hair had improved and asked what I was using.’

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BRONZE AWARD David Mallett Hair Serum #DM027

We're so used to luxury skincare. But hairdresser David Mallett – who has salons in Paris (including at The Ritz) and in New York – sets out to deliver that kind of luxurious experience when you're caring for your hair, too. The sleek packaging is stunning – but we tell our testers to completely ignore that, with all questions based around performance only. And they duly rated this strengthening, smoothing serum, which is to be worked into towel-dried hair from root to tip, then heat-styled or left to dry naturally. It's said to defend against sun damage, breakage and 'environmental aggressors', with ingredients that include macadamia nut oil alongside high-grade silicones.


‘I’m in love! Double top marks for this miracle serum. One pump in my hand, run through my towel dried hair before blow-drying and I didn't even need to use straighteners on my short, quite thin, usually frizzy hair. It looked sooooo shiny! I honestly felt like I’d been to the hairdressers for the full works. Very long lasting too, the results lasted two days until I washed my hair again as usual. It makes my other frizz tamer look like child’s play. I’ve had so many comments about my hair when I use this, its unreal! My hair has never been so soft, so un-frizzy and I cannot fathom how but, for the first time, I didn’t need to use my straighteners!’ • ‘I loved how this product made my hair feel and look.  My shoulder length coloured hair felt silky soft (cliché I know) and sat really well.  I wash my hair every day and used this daily and there was no build up at all.  I have shoulder length dark brown hair and a work colleague commented that my hair looked like glass, as it was so shiny! It wasn't completely frizz free but definitely better than before’ • ‘Not the product I would have thought of buying is I saw it in the shop - but so effective that now it's definitely going to be on my list. The defrizzing is excellent – it really sorted out my hair, and the result lasted all day, which was wonderful. Frequency of washing is the same, which is surprising as the product itself is oily’ • ‘I liked the practical packaging, with a clever lid, which stops any product being accidentally dispensed. It's a really great product for my hair, which is quite thin and can be a bit dry and unruly. It’s the first serum I’ve tried that isn’t sticky or greasy. I didn't want it to create a style just to smooth my hair down and it did!’

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BEAUTY STEAL AWARD Umberto Gianni Weather Proof Finishing Cream

And here's yet another style of anti-frizz product that did well – a 'finishing cream' to be used on either damp or dry hair, whenever frizz threatens. (During the day, dispense a squirt from the flip-top lightweight tube – very handbag-friendly – work into palms and smooth over hair.) It was specifically designed to deal with the problems hair faces from the 'good old British weather' – as they put it, for 'that drizzle, mizzle, humidity and damp' that strikes fear into the hearts of many hair-conscious women we know! Weather Proof Finishing Cream also delivers an element of flexible hold to your style, too, alongside the


‘Love the fab bright funky handbag size tube for on the go applications if needed. It is lightweight and easy to work through my very long, thick, naturally curly hair, which is very frizzy and hard to manage. I used it on damp hair and topped up on dry hair through the day if needed. The curls look more defined and less frizzy. I would say the de-frizz factor is excellent. The shine factor is fab, not at all greasy looking’ • ‘This has to be my most favourite product! I am falling in love with my bouncy curls. My hair is rough and tough, curly, dull, dry and damaged usually. This is absorbed almost instantly and gives lovely, bouncy, frizz free hair in an instant. I didn't require a straightener as my curls and waves were transformed into a beautifully defined look’ • ‘I LOVED how it tamed my frizz. I did have to reapply through the day but my hair didn't need washing more than usual. I will buy this over and over again’ • ‘I love this product. It repaired my damaged hair and makes it look healthier, with more defined curls. I really like the texture and everything about it. The smell is it. It’s easy to work into my natural curls and waves. My hair looked better than ever with no stickiness or greasiness. I don't usually buy these products but this is so great I will do buy it in the future’ • ‘This is easier to use when my long wavy hair is just towel dried when its easy to brush through to the ends. I would have to use the whole tube if I let my hair get dry and frizzy. Used on freshly washed or damp hair, it gave me shiny defined curls and the defrizz factor is good as long as I make sure my hair is completely covered with product.’

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BEST CONDITIONER Jo Hansford Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Jo Hansford MBE has done so, so, so well in 2019's crop of Awards – and if you're looking for a conditioner with anti-frizz benefits, this is your go-to among the winning line-up. This hydrating formula is specifically created to tame and nourish thick, frizzy hair; while her speciality is products for coloured hair, it proved equally effective on those with natural haircolour. Luxurious in texture, it features Jo's signature Heliovita Colour Care Complex and Anti-Fade Formula, with the botanical ingredients in this high-tech blend including sweet blue lupin peptides, sunflower seed extract, pomegranate seed oil and an amino acid blend.


‘This is a fabulous product that makes my hair look and feel great. I love it. My hair gets extremely knotty due to bleached ends; it also has greasy roots. Sometimes even after conditioning, it is still very knotty and takes a lot of brushing through. This definitely helped my hair be more manageable. I think this product is amazing and definitely lives to the claims’ • ‘This smells delicious with a distinct yet not too overpowering citrus fragrance (grapefruit). I love it and I received very positive comments from my husband instantly on the smell when I first used it’ • ‘Detangled my long, fine, flyaway, processed, dry and damaged hair perfectly! My hair felt instantly retextured, soft and smooth – absolutely gorgeous. It was completely transformed into beautiful shiny locks. It appeared a lot smoother even pre-straightening. After styling, my hair felt lighter and had more movement – the swoosh factor!’ • ‘I absolutely adore this product and am amazed at its efficacy at providing the most beautiful, healthy looking hair, which feels gorgeous. I totally recommend this product. I received lots of compliments on how great my hair was looking which is always nice to hear’ • ‘I am allergic to permanent dyes so have to use temporary, vegetable based dyes such as Crazy Color, Directions, Fudge Paintbox etc - none of which last or keep their vibrancy for very long. Usually, conditioners that claim to prevent colour fade don't offer the level of conditioning I need, however, this one really delivers on both counts.  I found my hair stayed vibrant much longer and didn't require to be coloured as often’ • ‘The conditioner smells amazing, was really enjoyable to use and gave excellent results on my long hair, which normally has greasy roots and dry ends. It de-frizzed brilliantly without overloading the hair.’

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