Lord knows we’ve said it often enough, but here we go again: ‘Happy feet make a happy woman.’ For us, that means regular medical pedicures (with Margaret Dabbs at her various locations) – and it also means giving feet plenty of TLC on a daily/nightly basis. Having once been told by a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine that it’s important to wash feet at night in order for toxins not to be reabsorbed by the body, we’ve done that for many years, following up by slathering on a soothing foot product. (Keeping feet soft also means that it’s more comfortable to notch up our target 10,000 steps a day.) So: at Beauty Bible, we care almost as much about caring for our feet as we do our faces, in terms of overall health and wellbeing – and having dispatched a wide selection to our testers, these are the products they declared to be one step ahead of the rest of the footcare field.


GOLD AWARD Temple Spa Sole Balm

We always like to flag up when products notch up over 9/10 (across a 10-woman tester panel), and this got a pretty flipping spectacular 9.4 marks. How can a foot product – not the sexiest category, let’s face it – wow women quite so impressively? Via a potent blend of 22 Mediterranean essential oils to help with tension and tiredness, together with a skin-softening blend of oils including olive, avocado and wheatgerm, along with cocoa butter for nourishment, seems to be the answer. To exfoliate gently, salicylic acid targets hard skin – and this little tub of foot happiness is also infused with menthol, for cooling freshness.


‘This light whipped cream is now on my Must Buy list. I absolutely adore the fragrance. I could sit for hours inhaling it, in a state of permanent bliss. It sunk in very quickly and I only needed a medium sized marble amount for both my feet. It’s incredibly refreshing. I could feel the pumping of my feet immediately slowing down and feeling cool as the cream absorbed. They were always ready to calm down and go to sleep’ • ‘This left my feet so smooth and soft. I was glad I started using this in March, as my feet were summer ready much more quickly. They looked so much better I didn't feel the need to book a super-pedi’ • ‘The only downside to this is that I may now be addicted! I have very bad circulation and am prone to itchy hot feet. This was a most refreshing surprise, which left my feet feeling cool and light, with very soft skin’ • ‘This light airy luxurious cream is my Holy Grail foot product. Feet feel instantly relieved of any tiredness, and it reduces any soreness or tenderness straight away. I would buy it in a heartbeat’ • ‘Brilliant! I became really addicted to this product. It is so relaxing to rub into tired hot feet. I have always used a foot spa before, but this is so much quicker and really cools and soothes achy feet and ankles’ • ‘Lovely and very effective thick cream, with a slightly menthol fragrance. I tested this after being on my feet all day at work. No more tired trotters!’ • ‘I’m on my feet all day and this cream feels fresh and cooling. It makes my aching feet feel less tired and sore, instead they feel hydrated and v. nice to use.’

£19 for 100ml - click to buy



A total snip, this – and just fantastic for targeting dry, even cracked feet and heels, declared the testers who got this in their Beauty Bible swag. It contains 10% urea, the ‘wonder ingredient’ for softening hard skin; CCS promise you’ll see the improvement in texture and smoothness within five days. It’s lanolin-free, which is relevant to the small sliver of the population which is sensitive to that natural ingredient.


'My feet and legs tend to swell up in the heart but when I massaged this into my feet they felt refreshed and less sore.  After the first night of applying the product, there was a big improvement in the look of the skin on my feet, which was very dry and lined.  It looked more moisturised, smoother and more plump and the lines around the sole of my feet were a lot less visible’ • ‘This is a great foot cream at a very reasonable price. I don't usually use foot cream but the skin on my heels was fairly dry and rough after a long, cold Scottish winter.  I used the cream in conjunction with a foot file and got fantastic results. The cream feels refreshing on the skin and leaves the skin looking and feeling great after just a few days. Very impressed with this product’ • ‘I really liked this product.  Simple, no gimmicks and did a good job. A workhorse of a product. It left my feet feeling soft and moisturised without the greasy feeling of some foot creams.  I have a bit of dry skin on the tops of my toes and this helped to reduce that. A product I’d be happy to recommend to anyone. It’s efficient and effective, does what it says and does it well!’

£7.99 for 175ml - click to buy


BRONZE and BEST NATURAL AWARD This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm

This Works recommend smoothing in a small amount of this rich foot balm after a long day on your feet – but also suggest doing that in anticipation of one, which is something we’re going to try to remember to do. As with everything This Works create, the smell of this is just lovely, featuring an aromatherapeutic blend of repairing lavender alongside deodorising, antiseptic lemon, in a base that includes Ecocert-certified cotton thistle, an ingredient that helps prevent water loss and dehydration. A flip-top tube – you could throw this in your handbag before (say) a long walk or a day standing at work, for on-the-go relief.


'Amazing. I loved this product. My feet felt so soothed, soft, hydrated and very indulged after using this; even better when my husband massaged it in for me. I have quite dry feet unless I treat them regularly, and this was a treat both in terms of a treat for feet and a treatment. It felt utterly luxurious, sank in beautifully, smelled amazing and just left feet in really good condition’ • ‘I had swollen feet and ankles, with dry cracked skin on the soles of my feet.  This left them soothed and hydrated. It claims to be a fast acting treatment to prettify feet, transforming cracked heels and dry skin into younger looking skin – and I definitely think it lived up to these claims. I would buy it’ • ‘This is fabulous and I would absolutely buy it! It cooled my feet a lot after a hard day at work, and did help relieve achiness. It’s very easy to massage in. My feet are transformed. I like the aromatherapy type smell, which is a bit different to the usual minty foot cream’ • ‘This works wonderful well on my ridiculously dry skin. I didn't expect much but was very impressed. This balm worked almost as well as prescription strength medicinal balm and it’s infinitely nicer to use. It gives that soothed, calmed feeling too, which the prescribed balm doesn't. Used daily for a month, it reversed the most extreme damage that dryness can cause and brought my skin back to comfortable and soft. I would buy it and very strongly recommend it’ • ‘I have quite badly cracked, dry skin on my feet. This left them feeling really soothed, cool and fresh. I loved it. My feet look and feel so much healthier.’

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