These have become such a ‘thing’ that we’re including them for the first time in the Beauty Bible Awards. We needed some convincing; the early-generation facial mists just delivered a ‘whoosh’ of water, which was all very nice and cooling but really didn’t do much after it had evaporated, and we’d always been a bit cynical. But things move on in beauty (and how!); many mists deliver a surge of moisture and other skin-friendly ingredients – and our testers just loved this. Consider us persuaded!


GOLD AWARD (JOINT) Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Tying in first place here are two natural mists. This one – from pioneering Aussie botanical beauty brand Jurlique – sets out 'to hydrate and soften' with a simple formulation based principally around rosewater (which we know perpetually pushes Beauty Bible testers' buttons). With some antioxidant action, it's designed for normal to combination skins, but is gentle enough – we feel – for use on any complexion. It also features soothing marshmallow extract, grapefruit seed extract and aloe leaf extract, in an elegant glass pump-action bottle.


‘This promised to hydrate and cool and it did that in bucket loads. It gave instant hydration and was super cooling. My face felt so very refreshed that at times I wished I could bathe in it. It also helped to set my make up, which was an added bonus. It kept my skin smooth and not taut/tight like the other one I’ve used. Lovely compact glass container is so convenient to keep in your handbag. The gorgeous light rose fragrance didn't mask my perfume. It’s already on my Buy list’ • ‘The mist is super easy to apply and one spritz covers the whole face evenly. It has the most amazing rose fragrance, which lasts on your skin for a while after spraying. My face looked dewy and felt very refreshed and moisturised, especially using on a hot summer’s day or after a workout. I really enjoyed using it as a refreshing pick me up and would buy it as a treat’ • ‘I love this mist, which has been a godsend in hot weather. It’s great kept in the fridge. I have used it as a toner, as a make-up setting spray, just to refresh my make-up, to calm down my skin and generally as a pick me up! The hydrating and calming effect lasts for a while, though the feeling of refreshment is short term, which is expected. Great to carry in your bag and for flights, as the smell is so refreshing without offending your fellow passengers. It set my make- up without making it cakey and most definitely I noticed a difference if I forgot to use it’ • ‘OMG! YES! This is literally the best spritzing bottle I have ever used, so much so I'm hoping I can refill when it is completely empty. You have complete control of ensuring you have as little or as much as you want to use with your face never feeling left too wet’ • ‘I have a beautiful glow after using it and my face even looks moisturised and ready to go! It feels lovely, really refreshed, cooling and uplifting because the scent is so complimentary. Yes, I often have red blotches or marks after showering and wow! does this baby shift them quickly. A few spritzes and five minutes later they are no more. It keeps make up looking fresh all day and stops it from drying out. Would I buy it? Yes, yes, and yes again.’

£24 for 100ml - click to buy


GOLD AWARD (JOINT) Evolve Daily Defence Moisture Mist

From British brand Evolve, founded by passionate natural skincare expert Laura Rudoe, this targets all skintypes – but particularly irritated skins – with a blend of African moringa peptides (to protect skin cells from pollutants and purify skin), alongside skin-plumping and hydrating hyaluronic acid and a soothing elixir derived from Mexican prickly pear cactus. As with the Jurlique winner, it's cruelty-free and vegan. 99.39% organic and 20.48% organic, they tell us (and we like how transparent Evolve are about things like this). You'll find it in their signature glass bottle, with a spritzer top – and if you want to trial it, there's a travel 30ml size available to give it a spin before springing for the larger size.


‘Fabulous product. I kept it on my desk at work and sprayed throughout the day, to stay moisturised and keep my skin hydrated and refreshed. My skin definitely looked like it had had a boost of moisture, after spraying and letting it dry’ • ‘Sometimes I find facial sprays are fine initially, but once they dry on the skin, the skin can be left feeling tight or dry, but I didn't get that with the Evolve. Loved the fragrance, it's very subtle but I certainly got a hint of the orange flower. It's beautifully calming and soothing, just a pleasure to use. I did feel like I was giving myself a treat’ • ‘This is a hero product for me because of the comfort, hydration and soothing effects on my skin, which is badly affected by the medication I have to take. They make my face puff up badly, which plays havoc on the skin as it stretches, then sags, and feels taut and strained, then limp and wrung out as the meds wear off. This works so well to calm and comfort my skin that it’s all I use for days at a time, other than cleansing’ • ‘I really loved using this. It felt good on my skin, cooled my face when it was warm, rehydrated it in the air-conditioned atmosphere and it smelled beautiful. I loved the fact the fragrance, although quite subtle, lingered, which made for an even more pleasurable experience. I find the air con in my office really dries my skin out throughout the day, even with moisturiser, so this was ideal. It cooled, refreshed and left it soft, keeping my skin at optimum moisture levels through the day. Such a joy to use’ • ‘My face did feel refreshed and it was easy to apply a gentle, light misting leaving the skin dewy, plumper and more awake. I would buy this’ • ‘My skin felt really great after using it for the first time and had a lovely glow. But as I have continued using the product my skin has improved greatly. I can really see a difference, my skin feels comfortable and I don't need to use quite as much moisturiser. Also, it definitely calmed my skin down after having a reaction to another product. I always feel refreshed after using this. In hot weather the pleasure factor is off the scale, it's just so refreshing. I have kept it in the fridge for added cooling!’ • ‘It seems there is nothing this cannot help. Anywhere the skin is tired, it brightens. Anywhere the skin is stressed, it calms. Anywhere there are signs of dehydration, devitalisation, dry and flaky patches, it instantly - and I do mean instantly - brings balance, comfort and flexibility / suppleness back. I would not want to be without it as I cannot think of any other product I've tried that works as well at what it does.’

£20 for 100ml - click to buy


SILVER AWARD Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic

Crystal Clear is a long-established brand whose roots are in beauty salons, now with a network all over the world and in countless locatons across the UK. (Also widely available online, though.) Crystal Clear tell us that although this is alcohol-free, this toner is nevertheless is formulated to remove in-depth impurities, leaving skin 'revitalised and energised' via a blend of cucumber extract and marine oligo-elements including zinc and copper; there are mineral salts and trace elements, too. The spritz-on toner (which comes in a tall plastic bottle, in this case) is deemed suitable for all skintypes, but most particularly dry, damaged, ageing and sensitive complexions.


'I wouldn't say my skin is glowing but it certainly feels more hydrated after use. It definitely makes your skin feel more refreshed, a good pick me up during the day too without upsetting your make-up. An instant booster during the day, I would recommend taking this on holiday!’ • ‘My arms were a bit dry so I applied a thin coating and they instantly felt moisturised’ • ‘I loved this mist! I think it helped my serum to be better absorbed and I used it as part of my morning and evening routines as well as an occasional pick me up on a hot day. Extremely refreshing. It made my skin feel cool and hydrated during a particularly hot spell of weather. I also think my skin retained moisture better during the day after using this. I would definitely buy it, as I don't want to be without it’ • ‘This is a fantastic toner in an easy to use spritz bottle. Being alcohol free, it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, damaged types. The fragrance is zesty, tempered by cucumber extract and mineral salts. Somehow it left my skin unbelievably clean and refreshed, yet balanced and dewy. Day by day my complexion became clearer and looked healthier too. Never underestimate the importance of a toner, because this really performed miracles in my daily regime’ • ‘I liked the strong, practical, sturdy plastic bottle. The mist was extremely easy to use, giving a light mist over the face. The effect was cooling and soothing.  My skin had a veil of hydration after using this and appeared dewy. The whole process felt calming and cooling and comforting, with no irritation at all. It promised to revitalise and hydrate and it certainly lived up to these claims. I would most certainly buy it’ • ‘I used it to wake me up in the mornings after a menopausal sweaty night's sleep! There's nothing like being sprayed in the face to wake you up and the effect it gave on my skin was a huge bonus. I used it throughout the day - especially when working in air conditioning or central heating, which play havoc with your skin. It gave an immediate sense of hydration and made my skin look glowy for at least an hour after using it.'

£21 for 200ml - click to buy


BRONZE AWARD Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist

Omorovicza – whose roots are in Hungary, a country with a longstanding tradition of beauty therapy – make something of a speciality of mists, even offering annual limited editions of their most famous and multi-award-winning  Queen of Hungary Mist (which is inspired by a centuries-old recipe first created for, yes, the Queen of Hungary). But this winner is something a little different: they describe is as a 'liquid moisturiser', with the weightless and highly antioxidant spritz-on formula enriched with plant stem cells, rosehip, macadamia, wheatgerm, sweet almond and avocado oils to nourish and replenish, and with a glorious scent from rose geranium, sweet orange peel and lavender oils. It also features Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate, a mineral-powered complex which is a signature of their range. The mister bottle is glass, elegant (and this is the priciest of our winners).


‘This does what it says on the tin and delivers Magic Moisture! I sprayed it on top of my make-up and my face visibly perked up. It feels nice and fresh (though I found the fragrance a bit sweet) and is very good for high humidity days, when you have to wear make-up. I carried it in my bag when I went to China to rejuvenate me in the humid climate. Superb for flight attendants, too. Do remember to shake it!’ • ‘My 30-year-old niece is cabin crew and nicked this off me as her skin was getting dehydrated. She used it before and after flights and loved it. I won’t be getting it back as her friends on flight cabin crew use it too!!’ • ‘This soft spray is such a pampering treat and a skin saviour on hot days – like cool lemonade for the face! - and also fantastic during the winter or any seasonal change, as you can feel it hydrating your skin. It gave my complexion a healthy glowy look. It even makes my cheekbones seem highlighted. Omorivicza never fails to impress! The bottle is beautiful too, and I like the subtle citrus fragrance’ • ‘This is a product that I will keep in my handbag at all times. It is helpful in the afternoon when you are feeling a bit lethargic after lunch and your skin starts to show signs of needing a bit of moisture. It provides instant hydration that lasts a good few hours -it feels as if you have just applied moisturiser. Particularly good when flying as your skin tends to get so dry then’ • ‘This is one of the best mists I have ever used, though I find the spray not quite fine enough for my taste. It feels very comfortable and definitely calms any irritation’ • ‘Skin felt refreshed and looked hydrated and almost velvet-like with a dewy glow. It did refresh, as it promises, and kept dry patches at bay, especially when sprayed over foundation and topped up during the day’ • ‘I adore this product and it lasts ages. It made my face feel immediately relaxed. I sprayed it on my children and 71 year old father on flights and it’s an instant pick me up.’

£65 for 50ml - click to buy