Beauty gadgets have become a real buzz – in some cases literally – in the past few years. At Beauty Bible, we’re devotees (and delighted that two of the high-scoring product in this category chime, from 001 Skincare and FOREO, chime with our own favourite facial massage tools). One key factor in their effectiveness is that used correctly (these both come with instructions which you’d be wise to hold on to), they help enliven the complexion through revving up circulation, while dispensing the fluid build-up that can make a face look puffy. All except the Gold winner can be used to enhance the effectiveness of your cleansing regime.

Worth the investment, we believe – though they are indeed an investment, in the case of all these winners. (And we’re interested to see that the top slot goes to a product that taps into the trend for cryotherapy, or using ice-cold temperatures to revive the face.)


GOLD AWARD 001 Skincare London CRYOpress

In last year's Awards, 001 London won Gold for their EyeCicles, which tap away puffiness from the face. Now they're smoothing it away with this gadget, which mimics the effects of ice (or 'cryo') therapy. Actually quite a simple yet clever design, it's a roller which you place in the freezer to cool it down to -8 to 2.5°C (it comes with its own cotton bag to protect it in the chiller), before smoothing over the face. The manual rolling motion boosts blood circulation, delivering oxygen to the skin's surface while eliminating lymph and puffiness. There are other benefits promised: tighter and firmed skin, minimised pore size, reduction of muscle tension (read our own review, here); used for the recommended 5-15 minutes, we also find it fantastically calming and soothing to a frazzled brain! 001 London also maintain that over time, it can reduce uneven pigmentation or even aid scar recovery. But here's what our testers reported, giving this a really impressively high score (8.9/10 across the tester panel, with lots of 10s).


‘This is easy to set up with the clear directions. I used it over the same brand flash facial and rolled it over my face and neck area for up to 15 minutes as directed. It’s very pleasurable, cool and refreshing and wakes me up in the morning. Initially I had a little redness but it went quickly. The benefits are that my skin looks brighter and feels more toned and awake every time I use it’ • ‘I can't get enough of this product! It really has boosted my well being as well as my skin! Very straightforward to use with no gimmicks. I loved, loved, loved it! I think it does stimulate the face and it is unbelievably calming mentally.  Rolling is sooo soothing! My face looked a little red straight afterwards but this died down very quickly.  I then just looked very well.  My skin felt wonderfully smooth. We are very bright and cheerful, my skin and me!’ • ‘Over a few days and weeks my skin felt softer and looked tighter and more calm, with a slight reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. I also noticed less facial tension’ • ‘The coldness is surprisingly relaxing and calming. The tool itself holds the cold very well and remains cold throughout each of the massage moves recommended on the packaging. However it is big and quite bulky, so some of the massage moves are more difficult than others depending where you are on the face. It leaves you feeling fresh, clean and revived. As I have gone on using it, I notice that my skin feels firmer.  After three weeks, it seems to be nearly at its best. I would definitely buy this product and have recommended it to family and friends already’ • ‘I really liked this product, as I never used anything like this before, it made my skin feel tighter in places and more toned and brighter’ • ‘This ‘gizmo’ is used to pummel the product (any brand of moisturiser etc.) into the skin; it gives the effect of a facial. I loved the sensation and my skin felt invigorated, almost like a good massage. My skin now looks brighter and nourished, plumper and fuller, more supple and smooth with lines less prominent. My face feels and looks less tired. I feel more relaxed and less fatigued.’

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SILVER AWARD Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse Kit

Crystal Clear are well-known to many salon-goers with an extensive network of beauty destinations that carry the range and offer their many different signature treatments. This, meanwhile, sets out to deliver some of the benefits of a salon treatment at home: a sonic cleansing device which uses minuscule sonic vibrations to loosen dirt and pollution from the skin, as you work it over the face. (Or body, they tell us.) There are three speed settings, including one for sensitive skin, and it comes with its own protective storage bag.


'Top marks. This is a fantastic product, which feels like a luxury but also practical with easy to follow instructions and a very quick start up. I used it with the cleanser supplied in the kit but in the future would use my own cleanser. It gives a lovely soft vibration that feels like it is doing something. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and deeply cleansed, looking bright and more youthful. Over a three-week trial period, I found my complexion looked clearer, younger and more refined with less tension in my face, which in turn softens fine lines and wrinkles. It leaves my skin full of radiance’ • ‘You wet your face and the tool then apply cleanser to the tool, press the button and move across the face. T the machine turns off after the desired time.  You can also apply moisturiser on the dry tool and use the same way. Both cleanser and moisturiser are supplied. It is a pleasure to use, not uncomfortable at all. From the first treatment using the cleanser my face looked, clean, healthy and glowing. When I used the exfoliator, my skin became plumper and glowing. At the end of the fourth week, I can really see results. My skin looks so radiant, there is some improvement in tone and I can even see a slight improvement in fine lines and wrinkles’ • ‘I used this with the cleanser supplied, although you could use it with any product. I liked the sensation on my skin as I felt it was actually removing dead skin and helping with resurfacing my face. There was a definite improvement to my skin after the first treatment. You could see it was brighter and it felt a lot smoother. Over the next three weeks of regular use, there was a definite improvement in brightness, even tone and a little plumpness round the cheeks. NB I loved the massager, which was very easy to operate except that there seemed to be a problem with turning it off’ • ‘This certainly worked well. My first impression was the lovely sensation of my skin being given a good clean so it looked brighter and fresher. Over the trial period, my skin went on gaining brightness and also looking much smoother. The difference is so noticeable that I don't need to use so much make-up as my skin looks so good’ • ‘After three weeks, family and friends are commenting on my skin and how great it looks – as if there is a filter on my face! It’s amazing. I am no longer getting small blemishes; in fact my skin has completely cleared up.’

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Having pioneered the facial sonic cleansing brush category, there are now so many FOREO LUNAs targeted at different skintypes it's would be quite easy to be confused. Options include one for oily skin (it's turquoise), sensitive skin (mauve), combination skin (blue) and normal skin – the sugary pink massage tool, which is the one our testers trialled. On one side are small silicone 'bristles' which do a great job of dislodging gunk and grime when used in conjunction with your favourite cleanser; according to their trials the new and improved sonic system now removes more than 98% of grime. Then flip it over to deploy the 'anti-ageing' mode, which definitely also works to relax taut facial muscles. If you're unsure how to use it, just head to the foreo.com website and check out their how-to videos (albeit with the most American-sounding voiceover).


‘This is very easy to use; charge it once and it lasts for months, plus there is a great visual quick start guide. Using the pronged side to cleanse the skin with a foaming cleanser gave a really good clean and exfoliation. The unit buzzes to prompt you to move it around areas of the face. After a minute, I rinse off my skin then flip the unit over to the ridged side to finish with a facial massage. I also started using it on my neck and jaw line as the massage was so pleasant. It gave a fantastic deep clean and left my skin baby soft. It promises to deep clean the face, improve appearance of lines, and tighten up facial muscles. It did deliver! I love the results. It's a winner’ • ‘After the first treatment, my skin looked brighter, plumper, healthier and more vibrant. The results were akin to having a lovely facial massage and it is so quick to use that you can afford the time every day. After a week of use, I received compliments from friends and even from strangers about my healthy glow. I’ve actually been asked if I’m in the first lush of pregnancy because my skin looks radiant. This was a shock as I’m way past that stage – 45! The person then said they thought I was in my mid thirties – ten years off, I’ll take that’ • ‘I really like this one, which was the star in the delivery box for me. I will continue to use it. It definitely unblocks pores and refines skin, my skin tone is better and my complexion is brighter. I really like the massage part as it makes my face feel relaxed. I feel it helps my products perform better too’ • ‘I would give this double top marks if I could! Tiny vibrations through the little rubbery nodules very gently remove make-up and give your skin a wonderful cleanse. There is a second setting that helps your moisturiser/serum sink into your skin. The tool feels soft on the skin and not harsh like some cleansing brushes. It feels like a mini treatment each time you use it. It feels luxurious, something to look forward to using each evening. I have had no redness from the first use, and over the month the clarity of my skin has certainly improved. I think that some open pores also look as though they have shrunk. I keep touching my face because it feels so smooth. It is becoming brighter and, I think, more toned. I never want to be without this. Friends are remarking on the clarity of my complexion’ • ‘One point I would like to make is that it has almost cleared the blackheads on my nose.’

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BRONZE AWARD (JOINT) Senssé Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

This, we’re told, is a ‘smart’ cleansing brush that deep cleanses but also works as an ‘anti-ageing’ device, for which you use the massaging bristles around fine lines and wrinkles. The idea is to deep cleanse with the help of the brush, put it into standby mode while you rinse and dry the face, and then switch to anti-ageing mode.


‘The brush provides two surface types; one surface is for deep cleansing and the other side an anti ageing surface. Along with this you have various intensity settings that you can tailor to your needs and skin type. The instructions in the accompanying booklet are really helpful. The brush felt strange at first, as thought my whole face was buzzing. But when I got used to it, I found it very pleasurable and relaxing. At first my skin looked quite red but soon calmed down and looked very healthy and radiant, it felt smooth too. Regular use seems to have eradicated blemishes, particularly whiteheads and skin seems brighter and smoother. A positive yes from me!’ • ‘After regular daily use for four weeks, my skin looks fabulous. Using the cleansing side drew out impurities and dirt making my skin look cleaner and brighter. With the massage brush side, my skin looked less lined around the mouth area and more youthful’ • ‘When I felt very frazzled I put this brush on the lowest setting and worked round my temples 15 seconds at a time, repeating this for a few minutes. It really helped relax the tense muscles in this area’ • ‘This is a bit weird to use at first but it really is great. It fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and is very simple to use – just press the button the middle and you’re good to go (you charge it with a USB first). I used my normal cleanser with this. It promises to give clearer, brighter and younger looking skin in seven days. I felt my skin was cleaner immediately with the first use. After continuous use my skin is much cleaner, plumper and softer. I’m in love with this!’ • ‘I'm really pleased with how this little tool is helping my skin to look healthier. My face looks plumper and I don't look so pale and dull. I feel the massaging effect is helping the blood flow and plumping my complexion. Overall I feel I look brighter and healthier’ • ‘My skin just glowed like never before after the fourth week. It looks smoother and more radiant’

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