More research is being done (and more needs to be done) into any links between paraben preservatives and breast cancer. But we get consistent feedback from women that one area in particular that you’re keen to avoid parabens is in the underarm zone – which doesn’t just sweat, but is also absorbent, BTW. For 2019, only one paraben-free product did well enough in our trials to earn a Beauty Bible Award (from good old natural brand Dr. Hauschka), living up to the expectation of keeping testers fresh, as well as being natural. (Note: it’s a deodorant, rather than offering anti-sweat ingredients.) We’ll go on trialling products in this category, in the hope other formulations improve.


GOLD and BEST NATURAL AWARD - Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant

Good news for anyone who is concerned about the naturalness of anything they apply to the armpit area – which definitely isn’t a one-way street, with skin capable of absorbing what’s applied. This is a roll-on alternative from one of the most famous (and biodynamic) names in the natural beauty universe, sweeping on a blend of naturally anti-microbial and astringent sage and witch hazel essences, infused with a mint and sage essential oil blend. There’s no aluminium in the formula and it’s certified to NATRUE standards.


'10/10: This had a very clean fresh clinical smell, which didn't linger. The roll on kept me fresh all day, during an evening out, and when I was exercising. It kept me dry and didn't discolour my clothes at all. I am not particularly sweaty but this definitely lived up to the claims of keeping the wearer fresh and dry all day. I would buy it’ • ‘It took a minute to dry on my skin but there was no residue or stickiness. I applied it about 6 a.m. and it kept me fresh and sweat-free all day (although it’s a deo not an anti-perspirant). It lived up to the claim of deodorising with natural plant extracts. I would buy it’ • ‘It seems odd to be delighted with a deodorant, but I am. This is so beautifully fragranced and refreshing to use. It's lovely and kept me feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day, for a night out, after a brisk walk and I have discontinued using my previous product in favour of this’ • ‘I loved the fresh masculine smell. Smelt great all day and I felt great and reassured that I wasn’t smelly. It was long-lasting and reliable’ • ‘I liked the fresh mint smell, which was very pleasant. It kept feeling very fresh through the day. It certainly worked brilliantly’ • ‘I would buy this as I liked the minty smell and I felt refreshed all day long with this on, even after a brisk walk, so I felt good wearing it. I didn't have to reapply at all during the day’ • ‘Kept me fresh for a whole very warm day. I used for a long walk and still felt dry and fresh so I did feel confident using it’ • ‘It’s important to realise it’s not an antiperspirant and doesn't market itself as that. I always use an antiperspirant but this was fine until I got hot exercising and felt very sweaty. I do like the product though and am going to give it another trial when the weather gets cooler’ 

£13 for 50ml – click to buy