Setting out to keep colour fresh, these are targeted at all haircolours – rather than the individual products for blondes, redheads and brunettes that we put through their paces in those specific categories. What’s REALLY fascinating is that for both the winning products below (the only ones that did well enough to win Awards out of all that we trialled), testers felt that they extended time between salon visits to have their colour renewed. To be honest, we’re both impressed and a bit surprised, since these type of products don’t actually deposit colour. But we ain’t arguing or knocking it! (NB These were trialled individually rather than in shampoo/conditioner duos, this time. Next time, we’ll only be looking at duos.)


GOLD & BEST NATURAL AWARD Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo

Ta-dah! Another win for Aveda, who have put on a stonking performance in this year's Beauty Bible Awards. This also scoops Best Natural 'gong', for a plant-infused shampoo with a 100% organic (and 100% 'Aveda-ish') aroma, including exotic ylang ylang and soothing lavender. From here on in, we'll always be trialling duos of shampoo and conditioner, but this put on a great colour-caring performance in its own right, protecting against fading and guarding against the effects of sun, water and 'environmental stresses' - a great one for the holiday suitcase, we suggest.


‘10/10: This is a lovely product to use and I liked the fragrance. It gave a fine gloss and did brighten my colour. My hair was more manageable and tamed. It also moisturized my scalp. It definitely did what it said on the tub – saved the colour and conditioner my hair. I would now like to try it with the matching conditioner’ • ‘My hair felt nice and soft and definitely looked shinier’ • ‘I have fine, highlighted hair and struggle to find shampoos that do not weigh it down. I have used this shampoo brand before at salons but never at home. The rose scent is amazing! When I use this shampoo my hair is softer and easier to style. I usually have it coloured every 6-8 weeks but using this I extended this to 8-10 weeks, even my hairdresser asked what I was using as she noticed a difference. Blonde hair rarely is shiny but using this shampoo mine is always shiny’ • ‘The product didn't lather much, but my hair still felt clean afterwards, without feeling stripped. It was really easy to rinse out. My bleached blonde, tinted hair looked slightly glossier and shinier, it was bouncy and didn't feel weighed down. It didn't dry out my hair or scalp.  My hair felt protected and preserved so it lived up to its claims’ • ‘The manageability from this product is good - my hair is thick and can be frizzy however this product managed my hair condition perfectly’ • ‘I felt this cleansed hair so well that I could leave it an extra day between washing. My scalp felt very comfortable and I didn’t experience any irritation’ • ‘It did a great job of cleaning the hair and I felt my highlights maintained their colour between salon visits.’

£18 for 250ml - click to buy

SILVER AWARD Color Wow Colour Security Shampoo

Color Wow basically 'invented' the root touch-up, and have expanded into a stellar range of colour-protective and colour-care haircare (as well as other S.O.S. options to deal with other haircolour crises). The brand is founded by Gail Federici with John Frieda – they were partners in his former haircare empire – and the same scientist, the ultra-talented Joe Cincotta, still works on the formulations. In this case, it's a sulfate-free product which also avoids silicones, conditioning agents (yes, really), pearlising agents (they're in virtually every shampoo, Color Wow tell us) – because as they put it, ' a shampoo should clean hair, period. It should not condition, volumize or defrizz because these ingredients can stay behind and are completely counterproductive to the cleansing process.' Pure and simple, this will safeguard your coloured hair – and testers loved it.


‘It is very easy to apply this rich thick product and there’s a good amount of lather; it left my hair feeling clean but not squeaky. Rinsing it out took a bit of time but the rich glossy colour on my brown/read hair was worth it’ • ‘Almost everything irritates my sensitive scalp but – very unusually – this did not. My frizz prone hair seemed less frizzy, looked a little shinier and was much easier to brush. I would definitely buy this!’ • ‘You don't need to use much shampoo as it is very rich and lathers up a lot. I like the fact it has no silicones and conditioning gums. My hair felt moisturised after use and there is a definite shine. It promised to improve colour and texture; my hair certainly isn’t dull and my colour remains good’ • ‘It gave a good gloss and made my colour brighter and more long lasting without using harsh chemicals and it doesn't leave a residue. I would buy it’ • ‘This is a nice shampoo. It suits my hair and I like that it has nothing extra in it - no parabens, sulphates or any added extras. This is definitely the way forward with no bits and bobs added that we don't need. I like the fact that the rubbish has been taken out’ • ‘This gave a surprisingly decent gloss and shine for highlighted hair. My hair doesn't usually get so glossy. I am due a colour session and this really did sharpen it up and freshened up the highlights. Having the colour extended between treatments is very handy.’

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