We had so many great entries across the bodycare categories that we’ve broken them down into sub-sections – because sometimes, you want an oil, sometimes a butter, sometimes a lotion… (Our particular favourite dry skin-saver is to apply a butter, then layer oil over the top to trap the moisture.) These skin-cocooning delights scored seriously high marks – and they’re particularly good in winter and for sun-parched skin. Happy slathering!


GOLD AWARD - Temple Spa Body Truffle

We love it when this happens! Beauty Bible scores are often incredibly consistent, and this is the second Gold in a row for Temple Spa Body Truffle, the ‘sister’ product to the bestselling, age-defying Skin Truffle for faces. In a hefty bronze jar that would elegantly grace any bedside table, it features not only black truffle but other luxe ingredients including naturally fruit acid Champagne extract, cashmere, silk and gold actives and rose quartz. There’s a shed-load of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, as well as lashings of cocoa butter and a kombucha extract to tackle skin roughness. It's lightly fragranced with a blend of cedar, mimosa, honey, vetiver and sandalwood. 


‘10/10 for this very thick rich cream, which has such a divine, luxuriously indulgent smell – like an amazing spa. Very easy to smooth in and quickly absorbed. My skin instantly looks smooth, silky soft and even.  It has a radiant look and the slight sparkle from the rose quartz makes my skin look even better. The condition of my skin has improved as I use it more giving all the immediate benefits and more so’ • ‘This is one of the best body creams I've ever used; it instantly improves the look and just keeps on getting better. The lustre it leaves, the improvement in skin condition and the indulgent heavenly smell make it super addictive!’ • ‘When I received this product I was a little sceptical as to what a body butter could do compared to any regular body lotion. BUT I was blown away by the complete luxury of this product. It leaves a beautiful youthful glow on your body and the scent is absolutely divine. The texture is like whipped cream and it sinks into skin without a greasy feeling. A wonderful product’ • ‘It promised a spa-like experience and it certainly delivered that. I would instantly swop to this from my usual (prestige) cream as my skin is now so much softer and smoother, and the skin on my arms feels a little firmer. It is a little more expensive than my usual brand but worth it for the results’ • ‘I loved the silky smooth feeling of this cream. Skin felt soft and hydrated almost immediately. After a few days the rough texture on my arms was becoming smooth. A real wow, which left my skin feeling amazing and the sheen was great for a night out’ • ‘Love the beautiful golden glow on my skin, which is perfect for going out in the evenings or on a tan. Superb’ • ‘My skin was instantly glowing and felt very hydrated and more youthful. Dry patches were nourished and my skin smelt divine.’

£60 for 150ml - click to buy


SILVER/BEAUTY STEAL AWARD - Argan+ Ultra-Rich Body Butter

We also love it when really affordable products wow our testers – and that’s just what happened with this replenishing, affordable treatment (you’ll find it in the beauty aisle at Waitrose, for instance). The signature of Argan+ is their 5-Oil blend, combining Moroccan argan oil with baobab, kukui, moringa and Sacha Inchi oils, all known for their replenishing actions. A hefty tub of effective nourishment, at a great price.


‘10/10. The texture is very thick and luxurious and there is a subtle fragrance that I like a lot, which stays on the skin for a very long time. It is super quick to absorb and skin feels lovely and nourished and smooth. I even had a compliment from my husband who never notices anything. I enjoy applying it every time. Such a gorgeous product’ • ‘I will definitely buy this product as I think it is so worth the price, very generous size and I really love the lovely fresh scent, which I can still smell five to six hours after applying. Makes my skin smoother, soft and nourished looking. It was lovely to apply after bathing during the really hot summer. A really wonderful treat for my skin’ • ‘My skin is so much improved after using this body butter. It needed something richer than my usual lotion. The instant benefit is that skin is so well moisturised and looked instantly smoother and more radiant. I trialled it on one leg and after a week that leg looked much healthier with fewer ingrowing hairs and blemishes. The skin looked less patchy and dull, and far less rough and dry looking – particularly my craggy old knees! Over the summer, my legs have dried out and I shave more so it was much needed’ • ‘I used this body butter as an overnight intense treatment for my very dry feet with cotton socks. They had looked awful but this worked amazingly well. Using it like this once a week my feet were flip-flop-ready all summer’ • ‘This lovely thick cream is good for dry sensitive skin; I saw an instant improvement in the level of dryness, better than my usual targeted brand. Very practical screw lid tub’ • ‘The product was not quickly absorbed but neither did it feel like there was any sticky residue left on the skin; it almost left a thin layer on top of the skin. Skin appeared smoother, definitely more moisturised and my skin tone was smooth. There was no improvement to my cellulite but the skin did look more moisturised and even’ • ‘What an amazing product, giving soft, hydrated skin.  Fixed my post-holiday sun damaged skin; just the boost it needed, together with a very pleasant fragrance. I have bought again already and was amazed at the cost, I would have paid double even treble the amount it cost, I have recommended to friends and will continue to use. My new favourite body cream at a fraction of the price of my usual one. Winner!’

£8.99 for 300ml - click to buy


BRONZE/BEST NATURAL AWARD - Tropic Whipped Body Velvet Intensely Rich Buttermelt

We’re not absolutely sure about ‘Whipped Body’ as a name (!) – but the ‘buttermelt’ bit perfectly describes the way this sinks into skin. Light, almost fluffy, it’s deceptively rich, blending Madagascan rarabe butter, baobab, rosehip and sweet almond oils, along with vitamin E and betacarotene, with a suitably tropical fragrance of Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla extracts.


‘A lovely rich product with a gorgeous scent. My skin felt very hydrated, soft and in good condition and looked very smooth. I like that it is a vegan product’ • ‘It promises nourishment, which is what it delivers. It also says it’s a luxurious, pampering treat and that’s exactly how it feels. But you can’t use this if you’re in a rush; you need time to rub it in then time for it to melt into your skin. It does leave limbs looking great though – gleaming without being shiny - so it’s worth putting some on to exposed limbs once you’re dressed’ • ‘Instantly softened my skin, especially good for knees and elbows. Legs look less bumpy where I shave them’ • ‘I did try very diligently to stick to the requirements of testing so have used this on one leg and one arm in particular. I loved the results; after a week of testing there has been a definite deeper moisturisation of my arm and leg skin on the right side. This is in comparison with my left side where I applied a regular everyday after-the-shower moisturiser. The Body Velvet leg and arm just looked more cared for, more nourished and smooth. On the other side, the skin on my shin and calf would start to become scaly looking (yuk!) after about 12 hours and before my next shower. With the Body Velvet I didn't have that at all. It was amazing to see the comparison’ • ‘I'd love to receive this Body Velvet as a gift and would feel really indulged.  It is packaged in such a way as to be a very well considered item - a jar that is easy to use inside a pleasant swag bag along with an information card! For me the product lasted about 8 weeks. Ordinarily I would expect the jar to last a month or so and with very beneficial deeply moisturised skin at the end of that period’ • ‘I liked how light the jar is, which made it easy to pack for the weekend.  If the jar had been heavy glass and the product itself heavy I wouldn't have taken it.  For me, the weight is a bonus’ • ‘Loved this luxurious beautifully whipped body butter. Emulsify it in your hands and it smooths all over your skin. It absorbs nice and quickly leaving your skin feeling comfortable and fresh looking. It has left me with beautiful soft skin and is especially noticeable on my legs. Skin stays much more moisturised and rough patches soften significantly. I really loved this product and would repurchase despite its higher price point. A little goes a long way’ • ‘Lovely cream, felt incredibly luxe.  Nice to apply and gently fragranced.  It didn't sink in fast but that's not a problem after a bath and before PJs. It was amazingly effective. I like the presentation (little swag bag) and the wide pot that you can get right into and scoop’ • ‘I love the fact this is a natural product made in Great Britain and I love how it makes my skin feel. It is such a nice product and I know that I will buy it for myself in the future.  If you have dry skin, this product is definitely worth a try.’

£28 for 200ml - click to buy