There are blondes who want to look like something out of a vintage Timotei ad. And there are those blondes (like us) who want a bit of zhoosh and control to our hairdos. To be honest, there weren’t a million entries in this category. But out of those that did submit to be trialled by specifically blonde testers, only one impressed them sufficiently to win an Award. Here it is…


GOLD AWARD - Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo Spray

Alongside shampoos and conditioners specifically for blonde hair, we also trialled a few specific styling products. This one impressed testers: a non-greasy, weightless blow-dry spray formulated to defend against styling damage up to temperatures of 235˚C (which is pretty darned hot by anyone’s standards). Dispensed from a funky ‘gun’, it contains ‘Tri-action styling polymers’ to smooth and strengthen damaged, potentially dry hair, while a touch of violet in the blend to banish any Bet Lynch-esque brassiness.


‘10/10. I am very pleased to tell you that I now have glossy blonde hair, for the first time ever. This product worked very well to counterbalance brassiness and my hair was more manageable, not sticky in the least and easy to brush when wet. There is less hair loss now I am brushing with such ease. It is so good that I have stopped using my old product and will be using Fudge from now on’ • ‘I loved the design of the bottle, which has an easily lockable spray. The product comes out in a very fine mist making it easy to get an even coverage. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all and is lightweight in my hair. It instantly detangled my hair and left it soft and shiny, which lasted all day. It did add some volume but not too much luckily, as volume is the one thing I don't need. It also took away any brassy tones but kept colour bright. After I used this instead of my usual one for two weeks, the old one is at the bottom of the box and this is my new go to!’ • ‘This is a great product to have on my shelf. I like it because it is a heat protector, something I should be using as I use styling tools. It was also particularly good as it worked to eliminate yellow tones’ • ‘Easy peasy to apply this thin fine spray, which gave a nourished looking glow/shine and volume that lasted two days. It definitely helped deal with yellow-looking, nicotine-stained hair. It was easier to comb through and in better condition. It helps maintain colour so I spend less at the hairdresser. Also seemed to lessen the time I spend drying my hair, which ahs to be good for the condition’ • ‘The biggest benefit is that you can tone down brassy hair really quickly and add more product if you want a stronger colour finish’

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