Whether your hair is naturally blonde or has the heck bleached out of it, conditioner/treatments probably play a very important role in your life for maintaining shine, gloss (and perhaps preventing it from it going brassy, in the case of dyed blonde hair). The only winner worthy of a Gold in this category is the ‘matching’ conditioner to the Jo Hansford Platinum Shampoo that did so well in the Blonde Shampoo category. (This is the first time we’ve trialled haircare specifically for different haircolours, and will in future ALWAYS be testing duos with our panellists. Partly because that’s how real women tend to shop for haircare – but also to avoid doing our own heads in!)


GOLD AWARD Jo Hansford Platinum Conditioner

The 'matching' shampoo to this also did very well (see here) so if you're blonde and you like to use a duo we'd point you in Jo Hansford's direction, here. Good for blonde, highlighted or grey hair, it also has violet tones to counteract brassiness, along with pomegranate oil to nourish hair – and also to remove discolouration, we're informed. All-round, Jo Hansford's products have done incredibly well – as they have in many previous rounds of testing. We love it when scores are so consistent, over the years (and now decades!) Because when a product's good, it's good. End of.


‘I LOVE this purple product, which claimed to brighten and clarify blonde/grey hair and remove discolouration and nourish hair. Yes, it did everything it claimed!  My hair is dry, frizzy and prone to breakage. I didn't notice damage repair but I did notice my hair was smoother than normal and I could just blow-dry it and didn't have to run over it with the straightener’ • ‘My husband calls me Mick Wallace after the politician here in Ireland because he says my hair looks like his when I leave it to air dry. Google a picture! He hasn't said that once since I’ve been using this!!!’ • ‘This gave my blonde, coarse, slightly dry hair a bit of a shine, made it feel smoother and did calm the frizz as well as brightening my hair’ • ‘Really nice to apply this creamy smooth product on my dyed blonde hair, which has dry ends. Afterwards my hair has a nice shine, is more manageable and easier to blow-dry. It’s soft and light – not weighed down at all - and the blonde colour is brighter. I would buy the product’ • ‘I really liked this super thick, rich conditioner. The citrus fragrance threw me a bit as I didn't expect that smell with the lilac colour of the conditioner. But it was fairly easy to work through my very bleached hair. Gave very good gloss and my brush went through my hair a lot easier when it was wet. It was light enough to use every day when I shampooed. My hair looks nourished and shiny and I would buy it’ • ‘After using this rich conditioner, my wavy coloured hair found the kind of gloss and sheen that you get after a salon treatment, and looked full and swingy. I was able to blow-dry it easily as there was no drag with my big blow-dry brush. Also I seemed able to get a bit more volume at the roots especially if I dried the roots with my hair upside down for the first part of the blow-dry. My hair did feel softer and smoother, really lustrous – I seemed to have more hair when I ran my hands through it (!), and was impressed with the finish.’

£19 for 250ml – click to buy