Are you interested in becoming a Beauty Bible tester?

Testing is open to trial products for our forthcoming 2020 Beauty Bible Awards

If you are interested in joining the waiting list for our next round of testing – which is in full swing now – then start by filling in your details below. Then our wonderful Tried & Tested Co-ordinator, Jessie Lawrence, will e-mail you once you have reached the top of the waiting list.

It’s first come, first served and NB: Jessie can only respond to testers who have been successful. However, everyone’s details will be kept on file and if you’re not successful this time, we’ll contact you when we have our next round of testing.

You need to be prepared to test products across many areas including natural, organic and ‘high-tech’ products, too. Successful applicants receive a mix of products across different categories, price-points and types of range.

Once you’ve successfully been chosen, we will ask you to make a one off contribution towards postage and packing etc. of £35 (that is per each parcel you receive, ie one round of testing - it is not a subscription). Beauty Bible product testing is a huge operation, with five people working on this part of our projects alone, and massive postage and packing costs (some of the parcels themselves cost over £20 in postage alone). We don’t make money out of this: the contribution from testers enables us to carry out the massive operation, which would otherwise be impossible. (NB Testing is only open to residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland.)


When you receive your products, you will be given instructions on how to assess them and asked to mark each product out of 10. You’ll be asked to trial them over months if there’s a ‘treatment’ element to the product, which only shows results over time, as with redness products for instance. NB YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED TO RETURNING AN IN-DEPTH SET OF TESTER FORMS TO GIVE FEEDBACK. We expect the questionnaires to be filled in and returned to us by the deadline specified. That is YOUR very important part of the deal.

Our rigorous Tried & Tested trials do help women take a short-cut to products that really work and our testers tell us that they find the whole operation absolutely fascinating, and that they have often discovered new products that they can’t live without. One tester recently told us, ‘In my head, I always rate new products that I buy now out of 10 – even when I’m not trying them for Beauty Bible!’

So: to join the waiting list, please fill in your details below and keep those manicured fingers crossed…!


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