Youngblood Incredible Wear Gel Liner

Our position has always been clear:  we don't do bright coloured eyeliner.  No peacock blue, violet, emerald, pink and definitely not orange, yellow or lime... So you could have knocked Sarah down with a feather when LA-based make up genius Philip Luque, launching mineral make-up company Youngblood's new products, casually announced he was about to line her brown eyes with Youngblood's new Incredible Wear Gel Liner in - wait... - a teal blue called Lagoon.

Being a game beauty editor, Sarah gulped and watched that space...  First Philip stroked on satin shadow in soft pink  Halo, then came the blue - BLUE! - eyeliner.

And guess what? It looked gorgeous.  The key, says Philip, is to stipple it on with a stiffish fine liner brush right up close to the top lash line.  He doesn't like coloured liner underneath but to balance the blue applied a little darkish brown at the outer corners.

So the motto really is 'never say never'...

And by the way, we love the other Youngblood launches    - a delicious get-ready-for-summer pink lipstick called Debalicious, long-lasting but very moisturising - plus a fantastic facial (or pillow - mister), called Relax.  This new Minerals in the Mist is scented with lavender and vanilla, plus ginger and lotus extractor to balance skin.  Use it to set your make-up, or as a toner after cleansing.  Then breathe in and say 'aaah....'

UK readers find Youngblood Incredible Wear Gel Liner at www.xxxxxx./£0.00 - buy here Debalicious/£0.00 - buy here Minerals in the Mist Relax - buy here Available 1st March.  For stockists, www.youngbloodmineralcosmetics