Yin Yang Skincare To Go

You really can't argue with this skincare set on any level. Like natural products? Tick. (This brand's natural roots go back to 1973, and you don't get more creed than that; they were even launched at Cranks - the iconic 'green' store and restaurant on Carnaby Street!)

Like to try before you buy a large size? Tick. (In this zip-up travel pouch, you'll find 10 ml tubes of Skin CleanserNatural Moisturiser and Vitamin E-rich Gold Defence Body Lotion (a Beauty Bible Green Beauty Bible Award-winner.)

Don't like lugging large sizes with you when you're on the road? Well, these will definitely help to make your cabin bag Easyjet/Ryanair-friendly.

As we've always known, some of the best things really do come in small packages.

UK readers find Yin Yang Skincare To Go at www.yinyangskincare.co.uk/£4.50 for 3 x 10 ml (in travel pouch) - buy here