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We have five duo sets of Velvytt Skin Soufflé and Velvytt Skin Treat to give away, each worth £99

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll tell you a story of how the most fabulous 21st century skincare originated many moons ago in the Caucasian mountains where herbal medicine is a time-honoured system of treatment for many ills including skin problems.

One renowned herbalist was a woman who prepared a skin cream from a recipe handed down in her family for generations.  Two of the many patients who journeyed hundreds of miles to see her were the mother and grandmother of Jale Demirchi, the wonderfully elegant founder of Jalue, who grew up in Azerbaijan.

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‘Over the years, I saw this special cream fix my mother’s severe sun allergy, my grandmother’s rosacea and countless other skin problems, small and big,’ Jale (pronounced jza-lay) tells us.

Although the recipe was a jealously guarded secret, they learnt that the key ingredient was propolis, the resin-like substance produced by bees to build and protect their hives. Propolis has long been valued by many traditional medicine systems and is now being researched by scientists in the West because of its protective qualities, which include being antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (plus several more anti-s….).

Jale’s mother went to see the elderly herbalist many times - the last, by a twist of fate, when she was on her deathbed. She had no one to leave her secret formulation to – ‘she didn't get on with her daughters in law’ Jale explains – but didn't want the remedy to disappear. So, knowing how much Jale’s mother valued the cream, she passed it on to her.

‘My mother made the cream for decades, always sharing it with people who had skin issues. Growing up, I loved the story behind the cream but I didn't like the smell.  Also, it was too strong and not pleasant enough to use as a moisturiser on healthy skin.’

As Jale developed her expertise in natural skincare, she spent three years refining and adding to the formulation to create two products that could be used on different skin types. ‘We improved the formulation for the balm by adding 18 different oils and butters plus hyaluronic acid to make a multitasking product that pampers and looks after your skin. We also created a daily moisturiser.’

So: The Velvytt Collection products! Yes, they are divine and delicious and make your skin feel like, well, velvet... and we agree with Jale that they smell ‘heavenly’. As she says, ‘they look after your skin and your soul.’

Each of our five Beauty Bible winners will receive a duo of Velvytt skincare products.

Velvytt Skin Soufflé, which contains evening primrose oil as well as propolis and a cornucopia of other natural ingredients, is perfect for daily moisturising for all skin types, smoothing, plumping and firming – and a good base for make up. Velvytt Skin Soufflé/£47 for 50ml.

If your skin is in need of more nourishment or you suffer problems such as sensitivity or inflammatory skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc), Velvytt Skin Treat/£52 for 50ml, is a rich but quickly absorbed beauty balm, with added rosehip oil, best used overnight to restore and deeply moisturise skin. (We have passed on a supply to a young friend with hypersensitive skin, which keeps breaking out in hives; we will report.) PS If your hands and nails are in need of serious TLC, do give them a Velvytt Skin Treat – they will so thank you for it.

For a chance of winning, fill in the simple form here and cross your fingers and toes! But if you can’t wait to try The Velvytt Skincare Collection, visit - you can order now.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 23rd October 2019

NB Winners are chosen via a random number generator and there is no cash alternative to this prize. The prize draw is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland as prizes cannot be shipped abroad.