Win Temple Spa’s secret weapon for tired eyes – simply the best!

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We have eight duos to give away with six Eye Will Survive eye mask patches infused with multiple effect serum complex, plus Eye Therapist eye massagers, each set worth £45

If your eyes never look tired, you never have dark circles, puffiness, lines, wrinkles, grooves or bags, and the skin around your lustrous orbs is always supple and healthy-looking, please stop reading now. You are clearly from a different and probably superior planet.

If, however, you - like us and most screen workers we know (well, most people actually) - suffer all or some of the above, we are going to tell you something on a strictly Need to Know basis.

Temple Spa has the answer!

That’s right, we promise you. And it comes in the shape of the duo of products that this multi-award winning brand is offering Beauty Bible readers the chance to win. The eye mask, the key element of the duo, is called Eye Will Survive – and they so SO will. (And brilliantly, sparklingly too.) Here’s how it works…

First, cleanse around your eyes, open the packet and wiggle out the two little pieces of serum soaked, bio-cellulose fabric (derived from coconut so bio-degradable). Lay them gently around the contours of your eyes as in the picture above, and press into position – easiest to do this in front of a mirror.

Stage two: relax for ten minutes. (Some of our favourite words… though if you have to keep working, they do stay in position – Sarah’s typing with them on now.)

Next: slide the dear little drumsticks out of their box and stroke over the mask to help the line-smoothing, skin-plumping serum penetrate and the lymphatic system drain away puffiness.  (Do this gently so as not to disturb the fabric.)

Leave for another ten minutes before you remove the mask and gently tap in any serum lurking in the packet all round your eyes. We like running the drumsticks along our upper eye and brows too, for maximum soothing.

Lastly, run to the mirror and marvel!

Despite loving and trusting Temple Spa products for many years now, we truly almost couldn't believe the improvement when we tested these. Sarah had been suffering from a trapped nerve in her lower back (agony…) and had hardly slept for a week. So there was a lot of puffiness, the grooves under her eyes were quite deep and the general look was exhaustion. After this treatment, the grooves had plumped out significantly, the bags were depleted, her whole eye area was brighter and smoother, and felt soothed and perked up. The appearance of a good night’s sleep in about 20 minutes.

You can use Eye Will Survive eye masks as a one-off booster, or as an intensive six-day treatment, or a couple of times a week over a month, say. Brilliant for prepping for special events and for the party season.

We do suggest using an eye cream too, such as Temple Spa Windows of the Soul –that’s not included in the prize but please do have a look at it. Remember, eight Beauty Bible readers will win a duo worth £45 but if you simply can’t wait, everything can be ordered online, whenever you wish, at or

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 16th October 2019

NB Winners are chosen via a random number generator and there is no cash alternative to this prize. The prize draw is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland as prizes cannot be shipped abroad.