10 NEOM Magnesium Body Butter prizes to be won – for softest skin and sweetest sleep

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We have 10 Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter to give away, value £36 each…

Magnesium is a ‘true wonder mineral’ according to Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM Organics (she's the NE bit). ‘The proven health benefits for body and mind are so wide – from soothing tired muscles and calming frazzled minds to helping with specific conditions including insulin resistance, which is central to the development of type 2 diabetes,’ she explains.

Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, according to the US National Library of Medicine. It supports a healthy immune system, which is pretty relevant at this snuffly time of year and it’s just as vital for healthy bones as calcium. Many people - especially women round the menopause - find magnesium helps calm restless legs and prevent cramps, both of which can be such sleep-disturbing pests.

It’s widely accepted, however, that most of us are lacking in this key mineral. In one of our early Beauty Bibles - back in the last millennium! -  we wrote about the benefits of using magnesium at bedtime. Magnesium was then relatively unknown but now it's a go to for us the minute we develop aches and pains, and absolutely at night to help us sleep well.

Taking supplements is a proven way of restoring magnesium levels. One thing not many people know, though, is that taking it orally may not always be effective because absorption can be impaired in a number of ways, including digestive problems and also, perhaps oddly, things like drinking coffee. (Sarah discovered that, despite taking regular supplements for years, she was magnesium deficient. Pharmacist Shabir Daya confirmed that, in some people, caffeine could inhibit magnesium absorption.)

The very good news is that magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin. We first heard about that from a medical researcher at Oxford who swore by dunking her hyperactive child in a bath laced with magnesium (good old Epsom salts) to relax his mind and body before bed.

When Nicola Elliott started researching this new product, she discovered various ways of applying magnesium 'transdermally' (through the skin), including bath salts, oils and gels but one of the most effective ways of transporting magnesium into your system, according to recent research, is in a cream.

And ta-dah! Our prize draw this week is NEOM’s completely delicious and luxurious Magnesium Body Butter, now in their Perfect Night’s Sleep range (it’s the tube on the right hand side in the picture – NB the other one is not in this prize draw). On a base of shea butter and olive oil, this 100% natural body cherisher is the richest creamiest product to spread over your skin – and we can testify to waking up with smooth velvety skin from top to toe.

We can also testify to the ‘double whammy’ effectiveness of the magnesium alongside 13 relaxing essential oils, including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. Be generous with it, Nicola advises: ‘massage a heaped tablespoonful all over your body and do some mindful breathing – in for a count of seven, slowly out for 11….’

Aaaaah….we can feel our shoulders going down even at the thought. And, yes, we truly find this helps us sleep more peacefully. Apparently the English rugby team have discovered the benefits of NEOM’s magnesium products too; ‘they ordered a stash of Magnesium Body Butter and Sleep Essential Oil to take to Japan,’ Nicola says, delighted at the thought that these ‘big burly guys’ have got the point of using magnesium – ‘this mind and body blessing’.

For a chance of winning one of 10 NEOM Organics Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter prizes, usually £36 for 300ml, simply fill in the form below. For more information, or to order this or any other NEOM product online, visit neomorganics.com.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 13th November 2019

NB Winners are chosen via a random number generator and there is no cash alternative to this prize. The prize draw is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland as prizes cannot be shipped abroad.