Win Slow Ageing Essentials Collection for radiant skin – whatever your age

Slow Ageing Essentials

We have three sets of full size Slow Ageing skincare to give away, each set worth £220

The launch of Slow Ageing skincare is - quite simply - totally thrilling. A quick bit of history: way back, beauty industry leader (and dear friend) David Lieber transformed Decléor and Beauty Bible collaborated with him on several events. Wind the clock forward quite a few years and David and his wife Margot (very special in her own right) decided to launch a skincare range based on the most effective natural ingredients, dedicated to slowing skin ageing.

‘We don’t believe in anti-ageing. Real beauty is ageless,’ they say firmly. What they want, as we all do, is to look and feel as good as possible as the years go by. ‘Slow Ageing Essentials reduce the effects of time on your skin and give it a radiant, more vibrant glow,’ they promise. And it takes just 30 days – one cycle of skin renewal - to transform your skin, they add.

We know those promises aren’t just hopeful hype. As part of the brand’s research, David commissioned Beauty Bible to organise a Special Report where 30 of our testers – aged between 35 and 79 - trialled the skincare at home in real time and filled in detailed questionnaires.

Here are short tasters of the deluge of positive comments: ‘I had a glowing skin for the first time in years using the Face Wash – it was such a confidence booster for me,’ wrote Deborah who comes in the age bracket 36-45. While Kim (in the 56-65 group) said: ‘I would give the Facial Essence a score of ten out of ten - if there was a higher score I would in all seriousness award it.’ (The Essence is a winner in our latest Beauty Bible Awards, by the way.)

Reporting on the Essential Face Moisturiser, Hilary (66-75 band) said ‘my skin looks radiant, luminous and full of vitality’. And Kathy (46-55) said the Face Balm ‘did work very effectively and made my skin more radiant’. Pretty well every tester said they had had compliments on their skin – result!

If you want to maximise the benefits of the products, we strongly advise using the products with the special Skin’ergy Massage Application devised by Margot Lieber, a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. We have always believed in facial massage as a no cost way to relax face (and mind), to boost glow, ‘lift’ skin tissue, and depuff your face when it’s looking a bit saggy-baggy. There’s a leaflet detailing the massage with the products and it’s also online at, where you can find lots of other information about lifestyle shifts. Like David and Margot, we have always advocated an inside/outside approach where what you put in is as important as what you put on your skin.

Three Beauty Bible winners will each receive the Slow Ageing Skincare Essentials Collection, worth £220. This contains:

Slow Ageing Essential Face Wash, usually £35 for 50ml

Slow Ageing Essential Facial Essence, £75 for 20ml

Slow Ageing Essential Face Moisturiser, £65 for 50ml

Slow Ageing Essential Face Balm, £80 for 20ml

For a chance of winning, simply fill in the form below. But if you can’t wait to join the Slow Ageing movement, visit

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 20th February 2019