Win pure summer beauty from Dr. Hauschka

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Must-have make-up and skincare from this wonderful, beyond-natural cosmetic company; we have three sets to give away, each worth £168.50

We have been devoted to Dr. Hauschka products for more years than we care to remember. We say ‘beyond-natural’ because ‘natural’ actually has no legal or regulatory meaning in product labelling.  Whereas the products from this dedicated German company are truly 100% natural and organic – so pure you could eat them, we say.

Dr. Hauschka has never let us down – and we have the touchiest skins by nature and also after so many years of trying different products.   Other devotees include a litany of A-listers.

The range originated from natural medicines produced biodynamically by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, a chemist who followed the Steiner philosophy that rhythms are the carrier of life and govern everything about our lives, including our skin. The key rhythms are sun and moon, light and dark (plants are harvested at specific times and there are different products for day and night), warmth and cold, movement and stillness (for instance, plant extracts are stirred and then left to rest), and lastly taking out and giving back, which, with this most ethical of businesses, applies to everything from profits to plant-growing.

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A couple of weeks ago we met Karim Sattar, the company’s engagingly energetic and evangelical international make-up artist, who took us through the new Dr. Hauschka make-up collection – which took an incredible five years to develop to the standards Dr. Hauschka demands. In case you wonder if natural make-up can really deliver uber-gorgeousness, Karim was at the Oscars this year, tending to several of the great and glamorous including the actress Andie Macdowell.

So we immediately asked if we could share some of our favourite products with Beauty Bible and give three winners the chance to try them for free!

Each winner will receive the following set of products, each valued at £168.50:

Facial Toner (normally £25.50 for 100 ml) – use this deliciously invigorating spray to prep skin before you moisturise or as a pick-me-up any time to refresh your skin and/or your make-up.

Rose Day Cream Light (£30.50 for 30 ml) – simply the perfect summer moisturiser for everyone including those with sensitive skin, prone to acne, eczema or redness; much loved by us and by make-up artists.

Translucent Bronzing Tint (£29.50 for 30 ml) – mix with Rose Day Cream Light to create your own custom-blend tinted moisturiser. Or, as we like to do, squish a little blob into foundation; use in body lotion too.

Sheer Lipstick Rosanna 02 (£17.25 – see below) and Lip Liner Cumaru 04 (£14.75) – Sarah asked Karim for lip colours that would suit everyone and this charming rosy tint, which you stroke on over the lip liner (line and fill in lips for staying power), is the winner!

The Soothing Intensive Treatment (£51 for 40 ml) – a 28-day treat for when your complexion needs to look its best and particularly for anyone with stressed, reddened or troubled skin.

For a chance of winning one of these sensational sets, simply fill in the form below.  But if you can’t wait, you can order all Dr. Hauschka products online at

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 30th May 2018

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