Win organic skincare fit for a queen from Sanoflore


We have four sets of luxurious natural products from this bestselling natural French brand to give away, each set worth £104.50 Bee impressed. In fact, bee very impressed! Just as we are by this truly wonderful French range of pure and natural skincare. And just in case you didn't get our little joke, the Reines range (one of several targeted skincare formulations from Sanoflore) is based on pure royal jelly from honeybees, together with beech bud extract and a natural substance (usually derived from yeast) called adenosine, which has proven anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle benefits - it’s been called ‘Nature’s retinol’.

Although Sanoflore is new to the UK, this passionately natural company, a pioneer of pesticide-free organic agriculture in France, has been making covetable skincare since 1972. Sanoflore is situated in the mountainous district called Le Vercors, noted for the purity of its air, the biodiversity of the aromatic and medicinal plants, and the fertile soil.

The teams of experts working at the Laboratoire Sanoflore are on a mission to preserve the purity of the raw materials and extract their remarkable potential – so that the products Sanoflore bring to our beauty shelves are as effective as they can possibly be.

One of the things we notice particularly is their calming effect. Synthetic chemicals can also be effective – in, say, anti-wrinkling - but if your skin is sensitive (like ours), that potency may come at the price of disturbing the equilibrium of your complexion. With Sanoflore products, we have noticed that skin is more even-toned and less reactive overall – happier, you could say.

This fabulous prize draw consists of four sets of Reines products by Sanoflore, each set worth £104.50. The products are formulated to cherish skin and promote glow and radiance – perfect as the chilly season sets in. Reines is suitable for all skin types.

Crème de Reines Riche Skin-Perfecting Moisturiser (normally £32.50 for 50 ml) – designed to help plump the skin, and stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis. Use morning and/or evening for perfectly hydrated skin.

Elixir des Reines Skin-Perfecting Concentrate Serum (£36 for 30 ml) – just a few drops of this serum stroked on to the face and neck help to smooth skin and add luminosity. Perfect under your morning moisturiser.

Nuits des Reines Skin-Perfecting Botanical Night Oil (£34 for 30 ml) – this blend of plant oils and royal jelly is a powerful overnight skin restorer.

For a chance of winning one of these sensational prizes, simply fill in the form below. If you simply cant wait to try it, Sanoflore is available to order online exclusively at NB Reines is just one of several skincare ranges by Sanoflore, all as pure as the mountain air.


Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 25th October 2017