Win Green People’s Orange Blossom skincare


We have six special edition gift boxes of Orange Blossom natural skincare to give away, each worth £50. This is a really lovely treat for everyone and particularly for the many people with combination or oily skin, who often feel confused by what products to use.

For their 20th anniversary special edition collection, Green People have collaborated with an expert in natural fragrances, who has created some truly wonderful blends of essential oils. As well as smelling beautiful and uplifting – and Sarah’s inhaling happily as she writes this – these natural fragrances have real therapeutic benefits.

Orange blossom has been used for centuries for its exquisite fragrance, which is said to evoke a feeling of joy and confidence and to alleviate stress and anxiety – which all reflected in your face when you apply the products. So they really do help to banish the signs of tiredness – dullness, droopiness and general down-ness.

Green People Orange Blossom skincare blends orange blossom (neroli) with grapefruit and lemon for a zingy citrus aroma, plus black pepper and marjoram to ground you.

Each of the winners will receive A Divine Treat gift box, worth £50, containing the following:

Orange Blossom Cleanser (usually £15 for 50 ml) – this balancing cleansing lotion and make-up remover lifts away impurities and daily dirt and grime to reveal a brighter complexion. Enriched with organic jojoba esters and calendula to leave skin revived and refreshed.

Orange Blossom Exfoliator (£15 for 50 ml) – a skin-purifying facial exfoliator that gently removes dull, dry and dead skin to revive skin in a trice and help it to absorb moisturisers. Enriched with pomegranate, rosehip, hibiscus, and bentonite clay, it gently refines and revitalises your skin.

Orange Blossom Moisturiser (£20 for 50 ml) - recharge the skin with this deeply nourishing moisturiser, perfectly balanced to promote a healthy, youthful complexion. Enriched with green tea, baicalin and seaweed to minimise fine lines and boost hydration.

For a chance of winning, simply fill in the form below. But if you would like to treat your skin to this divine treat right now, visit

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Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 30th August 2017