Seven of you can win great hair every day with Fudge Professional!

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We have seven sets of six Fudge Professional haircare products to give away, each set worth over £70

We are thinking of founding the official UK Fudge fan club. This Australian salon brand, which started over 20 years ago with a styling product for short hair then took the hair paint market by storm, launched this totally stellar range of hair care in the early 1990s. Six years ago, it came over to the UK when Fudge Professional came under the trusted beauty umbrella of P Z Cussons.

Frankly, we're more than a bit blown away by Fudge products, which really do bring a salon finish into your bathroom. Believe us, we hear that A Lot. Occasionally, it's justified, but most times, well - lets say it’s a bit optimistic. But Fudge is the real deal. Over Christmas and the New Year, Sarah's been trialling Fudge products on her shoulder-length, very thick, coloured mane. It’s not always the best-behaved barnet but using Fudge has worked wonders.

The Damage Rewind duo of shampoo and conditioner does exactly what it promises, bringing softness and a smooth glossy finish, married with bounce and swing. Plus it makes hair easy to style; ‘I just spritzed on Tri-Blo [the brand’s heat protective blow dry spray], tipped my head upside down and dried it, then used my heated roller brush to lift the crown, ease out any kinks and flip the ends,’ she reports. ‘It was simple and the results are truly a marvel, and lasted until the next wash, three or four days later.’

Then came another big test as Sarah’s colour faded and her mop looked nearly as grey and dull as the Dorset sky, particularly where highlights had disappeared around the hairline. So - lets spring the Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo and matching Weightless Conditioner, she thought. ‘Nothing to lose, but not expecting a lot.’

Wow again! In fact, super Wow! Off to a lunch party with shiny hair swinging and the colour apparently restored; the grey around her hairline blending seamlessly with formerly faded highlights.

Another bonus - if you use either conditioner as you would a hair mask, sloshing it on and leaving for five to ten minutes, the de-frizz factor is awesome. As in, what frizz?! That lasts too – which is just astonishing in the damp country mists. 

So we want to share our Fudge with you all in this prize draw. Seven lucky winners will receive the following Fudge Professional New Year New You special sets for Beauty Bible:

Fudge Professional Luminizer Shampoo (usually £11.95 for 250ml)

Fudge Professional Luminizer Conditioner (£11.95 for 250ml)

Fudge Professional Damage Rewind Shampoo (£14.95 for 250ml)

Fudge Professional Damage Rewind Conditioner (£14.95 for 250ml)

Fudge Professional Tri-Blo (£12.45 for 150ml)

Fudge Professional Skyscraper Hairspray (£10.45 for 600ml)

For a chance of winning one of these fab sets, each worth over £70, simply fill in the form below. But if you can’t wait to get your mitts on Fudge Professional hair products, you can buy in your local Fudge Professional hair salon, or order online at

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 13th February 2019