Win body-luscious bliss with Slow Ageing NEW Essential Body trios


We have four sets of Slow Ageing Essential Body Products to give away, each trio of products worth £211

Well, we almost don't know where to start with this threesome of truly exquisite body products. So – a little bit of history about the brand first. Slow Ageing is about age-less beauty. Not about reversing ageing but instead about gentling the effects of passing time on your skin. So we all look and feel as good as possible as the years go by. 

The brand was founded by beauty industry leader David Lieber, who transformed Decleor back in the day, and his wife Margot, a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner – both very special people and dear friends of ours over the years. David and Margot set about researching the most effective ingredients, money no object, to ‘reduce the effects of time on your skin and give it a radiant, more vibrant glow’.

New Year saw the launch of a quartet of effective face beautifiers, which were the subjects of a Beauty Bible Special Report. Our 30 testers were bowled over when they trialled them for a month. Pretty well everyone had compliments on their ‘5-star complexions’.

Now three equally gorgeous Slow Ageing Essential Body Products, aimed at transforming from the neck down, are launching in an exclusive partnership with

As we mentioned, David’s directions to his R&D team were to determine the most effective ingredients with no heed to budget. So these are some of the most luxurious feeling and looking cosmetics on the market. Housed in black glass, even the typeface is set to become a design classic. And Hoorah! The direction and ingredients are printed in very legible CAPITALS (ageing eyes are very grateful).

Just opening the Essential Bath Essence and inhaling the dreamy scent of cypress, rose geranium, rosemary and juniper essential oils on a base of skin-cherishing hazelnut oil is enough to soothe taut nerves and calm a fretting mind. Now pour a capful in a warm bath and let it envelop you. To turbo charge the relaxing effects, follow the Slow Ageing Essential guided meditation on their website. Magic.

The Exfoliating Polish is actually for both face and body – and we would add in hands, which respond quite wonderfully. Ginger, orange and pomegranate exfoliants are blended in a coconut oil base, and fragranced with essential oils of frankincense, patchouli, orange, ginger and nutmeg, to smooth and revitalise the skin. It’s gentle as anything – no rough scratchy bits – but skin is immediately soft as a peach. (You can make it into a face mask by blending 3:1 with the Essential Face Balm, by the way.)

Finally, Firming Body Essence. We say, yes please!!! No need to go into details but we all know that things go south as the years pass… The Slow Ageing Firming Body Essence is based on botanicals and essential oils, again in a base of hazelnut oil, to detox and stimulate skin growth as well as stimulating blood flow to firm and tone the skin. For maximum effect, use a body brush on dry skin first.

Isn’t that just the most perfect thing to get you bodyluscious for summer holidays? For a chance of winning one of the four sets of three

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