Win Beatitude’s new facial night oils – pure plant power

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We have five duos of super-charged lightweight Beatitude facial oils to give away, each duo worth £76

We all know our body needs a varied diet to function at its very best. So it shouldn't really be a surprise that our skin does too. (Especially when you consider that our skin is actually our gut on the outside, according to leading researchers.) So hats off to aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor, founder of Beatitude, who has just added two new beautifying night oils so we can ring the changes.

We were already BIG fans of Rebecca’s award-winning ‘Skin Salvation’ facial oil. This hero product has now been renamed – so say ‘hello’ to Beatitude REPLENISH Night Oil, a rejuvenating mix of vitamin-enriched plant oils including rosehip, vitamin E, oat oil, evening primrose and black cumin oil, heaven-scented with natural floral notes of rose, immortelle and neroli.

But we want to share with you the two new stars in this skin-nurturing programme: RENEW and REVITALISE. Both are designed to be applied at night. As Rebecca says, ‘Night-time is when the skin goes through cell renewal and repair. These potent oils work as a super boost to beauty sleep, preventing overnight dehydration and delivering the ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. So you wake with supple, dewy, radiant skin.’

Phenomenally potent RENEW is your first class ticket to youthful skin. This retinol-rich night treatment – it contains broccoli seed, which is a natural source of retinol - helps to reduce the signs of ageing as you slumber. RENEW is packed with a bunch of bio-active ingredients that have been shown to be effective – think avocado, carrot seed, rice bran and rosehip oils with soothing squalane, oat, and aloe vera - delivering intense hydration and stimulating sluggish cells to restore and repair.

This powerhouse oil, fragranced with geranium, frankincense and lavender, also helps collagen production and improving skin elasticity and suppleness, as well as plumping fine lines and wrinkles.  

If your skin tends to sensitivity and pigmentation, you might move on to light-textured REVITALISE, enriched with vitamin C for skin radiance, in a blend of radiance-boosting, antioxidant oils that include raspberry seed, passion flower, rosehip and sea buckthorn, calendula, oat and wheatgerm oil.

It’s light-textured and easily-absorbed – and like all Rebecca’s products, delivers a treat to the senses via the essential oil blend; petitgrain, mandarin and bergamot, in this case. (Rebecca was mentored by our very dear late friend Geraldine Howard, the joint founder of Aromatherapy Associates.)

We have five duo sets to give away, each containing Beatitude REVITALISE Night Oil and RENEW Night Oil, each usually £38 for 30 ml. So you can give your skin what it needs, when it needs. For more information, visit

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